Twin River: First Hotel, Now Poker Room?

Twin River Casino Daytime

Twin River Casino Daytime

Twin River Casino is beginning to feel the pressure just north of their Rhode Island border – and they are looking into solutions.

Plainridge Park LogoPlainridge Park, the one Slots-only license in Massachusetts is only 12.5 miles away.  Pretty close, and an easy access off the highway – something Twin River is not.  So, recently, Twin River started the legislative ball rolling with a request for permission to build a vital hotel, which this blogger has been suggesting for the past three years!

Now, another idea has emerged – a poker room.  Table games will not be a part of Plainridge Park, and a poker room might just continue to take CT patrons and keep Rhode Island patrons. “Our poker views are starting to change, so there could be a day in the relatively near future where we could consider a moderate-sized poker room at the facility, which would make a lot of people happy,” according to Twin River Worldwide Holdings Chairman John E. Taylor Jr.  Taylor said the facility’s employees receive frequent requests for it.

Twin River’s financial health is a top concern for Rhode Island leaders because gaming revenue is the third largest source of revenue in the Ocean State, an amount that is forecast to drop sharply as competitors open in Massachusetts.

Foxwoods Poker Room - Best in New England

Foxwoods Poker Room – Best in New England

For competition sake, both additions – hotel & poker – go hand in hand.  Many table games like the long grind, knowing they have a place to stay a few steps away from the casino.

To me, this will distinguish both Plainridge & Twin River with the competitive existence of both and  keeping the Rhode Island Gaming Revenue higher than expected with the saturation of gaming in New England.

Now, if Twin River could only start some player rewards that will entice gambling from bordering states to take notice and visit – free slot play, better and quicker reward club tier status, and point multiplier days.  Just saying – it works in Vegas, and they have a few casinos out there.

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