Foxwoods Trip Report – Random Thoughts – 1/27/2015


imagesIf you stay at Foxwoods Resort Casino, or even just visit, you know how expansive it is.  It took fifteen minutes at a good walking pace and using the people movers to get from the Grand Pequot Casino to my room in the Fox Tower (formerly MGM).  But I think it’s a great place to stay.  And it seems they are taking upgrading their surroundings and service seriously.  So here are some random thoughts and observations of my stay:

They will be adding a Ben & Jerry’s in between the Fox Tower and the Grand Pequot Hotel, taking the place of “Gelato’s.” th This will be a nice switch – while Gelatos was a great place, B & J’s will be a better draw, bridging the long gap between hotels and casinos.


Fox Deluxe Room

The Fox Tower rooms are really comfy.  They are well-kept and have great in-room amenities.  Ask for the higher rooms – the 30th floor is great for the view.

Foxwoods Casinos all seem to be some of the smokiest I have ever been in – not just in New England, but Nevada, Mississippi, Iowa, New Jersey, Florida…..well, you get the idea.


Elton John Slot Machine

My new favorite slot machine is Elton John, with its “Rocket Man” feature and all of Sir Elton John’s great music included.


Volitile & Fun!

My new favorite video poker game is Multi Streak Poker – a very volatile 3-play game.  Lots of ups and downs, but the ups make it worth it.

California Pizza Kitchen is just a great place to eat.  So it’s a chain – so what?  Great salads, family menu, good food.


In the Fox Tower

I love Junior’s for breakfast.  What a great start to the day.

Am I superstitious if I like to park on the 4th floor of any casino parking garage because I like getting 4-of-a-kinds in video poker? (go, quad floor!)

People are still using the ice rink at Foxwoods.  It was a cold winter night, all lit up with festive lighting.  If I liked ice skating, I’d be there.  Anybody have double-runner skates for sale?

Be aware that Foxwoods is changing some of their ATM machines. Casino Redemtion / ATM machine To accept paychecks, they don’t give change in the form of coins – it’s a paper ticket.  Redemption machines are the way to go if you want your entire TITO ticket redeemed with coins.

Well, that’s all for now.