Wynn’s New / Old Hotel Should Make Everyone More Suspicious

Wynn Everett First Hotel Rendition was considered BLAH!

Wynn Everett First Hotel Rendition was considered BLAH!

Wynn finally redesigned his hotel for the Everett property.  Just follow me through on this.

The first design was not special enough for the Mass Gaming Commission.  The Mohegan Sun design was more what they had hoped for.  So why did they pick Wynn?  Simple – money and his promise of upgrading his hotel.

So, this past week, he introduces his latest rendition of the Everett hotel, and the Gaming Commission is all a buzz! “This is a style we really like,” Robert DeSalvio, the company’s senior vice president of development, said as he revealed the two exterior renderings of the hotel. “It’s a signature Wynn look…We think it really complements the landscape well.”

Give me a break!  Here’s the latest rendition:6511692_G


And here’s his Las Vegas property: th

See any similarities – like ALL of it!

I say the MGC wanted Vegas in Boston from the start, and it didn’t matter who else paid the $400,000 application fee (plus all the other money involved in the process).  When they said they didn’t like his last hotel idea, what they meant was “Oh, Mr. Wynn, we want your Vegas hotel here, and nothing else!

Why not tell the other applicants they need not apply for the license?  Money.  Dishonestly getting as much out of the applicants without even having second thoughts of who they really wanted getting the Boston license.

The city of Boston and Mohegan Sun joined the growing list of eastern Massachusetts cities suing the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.  Shame on the commission for the way it handled this casino license, for example:

  • men with ties to the land deal that were indicted on multiple state and federal charge, making land deal at the heart of the Wynn project was illegal because of the owners’ legal trouble
  • unfairly treating the city of Boston when it stripped the city of its host status, saving Mr. Wynn millions of dollars
  • the commission, basically showing “extreme favoritism” toward Wynn Resorts, at the expense of Mohegan Sun, the cities of Somerville, Revere & Boston
  • single-handedly ending the horse racing at Suffolk Downs, leaving all at Suffolk Downs and the horse businesses involved unemployed


    Suffolk Downs just before last races.

Isn’t “deflate-gate” enough of a black eye for Boston, without being a laughing stock in the gaming industry as well?  Massachusetts legislators – get your act together.  The fact is, MGC & Mr. Wynn – you’re not in Vegas anymore, and this is no yellow brick road yet!

That’s all for now.