MLK Day Reminds Us That All Americans Deserve the Same Liberties

Event Name: Martin Luther King Day

I’m not a person who gets caught up in politics.  That’s a separate issue that does not belong in this forum.  However, as I taught a class about the history of Rock, I couldn’t help but think that while we are no way near the relations of peace and harmony that so many of us would like, we have come a long way…..just not far enough, yet.

Rock n roll, youth, black and white performers – that “new” popular music of the  50’s music began to erase that line between races.  Music, and all recreational activities should be shared by all – equally, with respect to everyone involved.  Shouldn’t the casinos and all the events they host be the same?  Of, course.

So, on this day dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, let’s be reminded that we all have a responsibility to keep the dream alive and evolving into the future.

Happy MLK Day.