Happy Anniversary to “Five Hundy By Midnight” – the Original Las Vegas Podcast


Ten years ago, Tim & Michele Dressen started a little project that, well, turned into a mammoth project.  If you love Las Vegas as I do, you love hearing about it, reading about it, hearing from others about their trips and planning your next one.  Finding a podcast such as “Five Hundy” to look forward to over the years to give my Las Vegas cravings some relief has been a blessing.  Through their podcast, I have found other podcasts & websites listed in the Las Vegas links listed on NETimeGambling’s Website – Vital Vegas, Vegas Gang, 360 Vegas, to name a few.  If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas for the first time or for the fifty-first time, Tim & Michelle are two people you need to prepare with.

10302112_10203831173874634_4970886650392715507_nFrom their website: “Five Hundy by Midnight has provided listeners with news, reviews and commentary by Las Vegas tourists for Las Vegas tourists……listeners have been treated to a weekly dose of their charming banter about Las Vegas hotels, casinos, restaurants, bars and just about anything else Vegas-related.”

Now, please be advised, this podcast is not for the faint of ears.  It is considered “explicit” because of their colorful language and opinions.  (Much like Las Vegas as a whole, this podcast is not for kids.)  And that’s what makes Tim & Michele so good.  One email conversation I had with Tim centered around his show’s off the cuff opinions.  His response was respectful and to the point – it was their podcast, and so it includes their opinions – reasonable, or not.  That is the honesty you can expect, with no gray area.

From those first days in 2005, “Five Hundy by Midnight” has grown beyond Tim & Michele’s imagination.  Here’s what this podcast includes:

  • Up-to-date news with an attitude – their many trips experience to Vegas gives you a unique slant on what is happening or opinions on what is to come.
  • Answers to email questions that give a deeper level answer to “What’s Happening in Vegas?”
  • Callers finish the show with insightful opinions, trip reports, and information you won’t find by googling “Las Vegas.”

Two things have grown out of their project.  One is the best Las Vegas Facebook Community ever – as voted on by Vegas Tripping, another valuable site.  From this Facebook community, you can ask questions and get immediate feedback by those visitors and fans of “Five Hundy” that you won’t get anywhere else.

Two is the book Tim is finishing, which I can’t wait to read.  The Five Hundy by Midnight Outsiders’ Guide to Las Vegas. It’s about………well, ………..Vegas! But, only the way Tim can describe it.

But the best I can say to describe this podcast is that it is fun – bawdy, crazy, drink-filled, fun.  If you love Vegas, you gotta love Five-Hundy.

Click on their link below to check it out for yourself.


Congratulations, Tim & Michele.



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