Mohegan Sun’s Pro Lacrosse Team Opener Was Amazing Fun!


Picture this:

What is it?  The NLL – National Lacrosse League.  And it was spectacular!  The Mohegan Black Wolves sent home the Buffalo Bandits licking their wounds with a 12-8 season opening win.Watching pro athletes, in the atmosphere of the combination of a monster truck rally and a hockey game – with constant music from Ozzie, to ACDA, to Huey Lewis to Gloria Gaynor.  The action on the field is fast, sometimes brutal to watch, higher scoring than soccer or hockey, and just when you look away, something happens you hope will be replayed on the huge screen above.  The best part – you don’t need to know much about to really enjoy it.  (Although the players program included basic rules and stats about the game.)

The New England Black Wolves are a hit!  Under 6000 of the capacity 7000 seats were filled with loud, excited and exuberant fans(allowance for the playing field, VIP boxes & Party Pit take away about 3000 seats) .  Kids of all ages, many wearing their school’s lacrosse team’s jacket or shirt, seemed to love the music, the crazy vibe, and the pace of the game.

Mike DiMauro of the Day said it best, “This has the chance to be a smash hit.  Here’s why: You needn’t know all the rules of the players to appreciate the spectacle….There’s no denying an entertainment value akin to nothing you’ve ever seen before.”

I believe their slogans – “Fur Will Fly!” and “Some Teams Play, We Prey!”  Mohegan Sun has something really entertaining here!

The constant music of pop/ rock faves as well as some of the latest jock-rock hits is non-stop.  The fans excitingly howling “Ahhhhh-Woooooo” for their Black Wolves gets even the most passive on-looker (like me) all wound up.

The next home game is Monday, January 10th @ 7pm in the best arena in America – Mohegan Sun.  Don’t miss it – or you’ll regret it. For the season schedule. go to

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