New England Casinos – Random Thoughts

And it’s time for (drum roll, please……………….)Random Thoughts

With your host, Binbin.

Here we go.

  • I just read an article that says Massachusetts is one of two states that doesn’t have “Happy Hours.”  th Can you imagine, No Happy Hour at casino restaurants & bars!  It’s true! On December 11, 1984, Massachusetts became the first state to ban happy hours. Specifically, a regulation went into effect that banned changes in the price of alcoholic drinks at any point during a calendar week. At this point, the only other statewide ban is in Utah (go figure) —a state that also bans kegs. I wonder if MGM or Mr. Wynn knew about that………..?


  • For years, now,
    the extra parking garage at Mohegan Sun (near the bus parking lot) hasn’t been used.  The way things are looking, it won’t be in the future, either.


  • So, Foxwoods CEO Rappaport is going to make the humongous complex more “Las Vegasy.” Does that mean introducing bully-like time sharers pestering you in the hallways?  Here’s an idea – take out the casino in MGM and extend the mall into it.  Keep the restaurants & shops, though…….


  • The only thing that saved Steve-o Wynn’s casino propsal over Mohegan Sun is plain and simple…, money, money.  imageHis reputation continues to take a beating, with Somerville filing a lawsuit last week against the state Gaming Commission asking a state court judge to void the Wynn license.  The city argues regulators should have disqualified the company or at least required it to abandon its proposed site after it became public that a convicted felon had a financial interest in the land deal, a violation of state law.  But, in the gaming industry, Steve-o is seen as a deity, so he continues to bob and weave through every hoop thrown his way.


  • Finally, once again, same old conversation between two strangers gambling next to each other (and next to me)

Man – “Boy, they just keep tightening these machines don’t they?”

Woman – “Yes, it’s awful.”

Man – “It’s a crime that they don’t let us win.”

Woman – “I never win anymore.  They’ve changed ALL the machines.  You can’t win anything, anymore…..”

I have two questions 1) when did gamblers get so whiny and entitled, and 2) why did they STILL STAY and pour more money in these machines (video poker, high volatility, multiplier types)?  I’m bringing headphones next time so I can listen to music and drown these people out.

That’s all for this rendition of “RANDOM THOUGHTS.”