CT & MA Casino News – 12/6/2014


So, I have been away for a few days.  Busy times, these Holiday seasons.  So, I thought I would briefly touch on some casino news in New England that you might have missed. The big news came out of Foxwoods this week. I won’t dawdle…..here we go:

Connecticut – Felix Rappaport, the new chief executive of Foxwoods Resort Casino, the ninth man to lead the casino in its 22-year history, expects to inject new life into Foxwoods.  By reducing its number of slot machines and table games to free up space for nightclubs and other new attractions, Rappaport feels Foxwoods will learn to adapt to fierce competition expected in the next 5 years.


Foxwoods at Sunset

Connecticut – Foxwoods has hinted reducing the number of slots to under 5000, closing gaming ares, and adding a water park to transition to more stability and making a destination people will stay longer at.  The average stay at foxwoods to date is only 1.4 days!  Expect more Las Vegas-style acts and changes in the future.

Connecticut – Foxwoods Resort Casino CEO Felix Rappaport says Connecticut’s casinos are at a disadvantage in the region because they have to stop service at 1 a.m. on weekdays and 2 a.m. on weekends even though they offer gambling at all hours. He wants the state to grant an exemption to casinos.

Passamaquaddy Crest

Passamaquaddy Crest

Massachusetts – Two more casinos are planned to be launched in Maine. One of these is expected to be located in the southern part of the state and the other is to benefit local Indian tribes. Maine’s Passamaquoddy tribe says it intends to press for a third casino in Washington County, where its tribal reservations are located.

Massachusetts – The Massachusetts Gaming Commission on Thursday signed off on a pilot program at the planned slots parlor in Plainville, giving gamblers the voluntary option of limiting how much money they spend before they sit down at a machine.

Massachusetts – The Massachusetts Gaming Commission announced that initial applications for the southeastern region, centered on Fall River and New Bedford, will be due Jan. 30.  The commission, which hopes to award the license by next fall, has pushed back the deadlines a number of times already and eased other application requirements to help drum up interest.


Resorts, Atlantic City – Managed by Mohegan Sun

Atlantic City / CT – Resorts Casino Hotel is doing a $9.4 million expansion of its convention and meeting space, hoping to grab a bigger share of the rapidly changing Atlantic City casino market. Resorts was the first casino in the United States outside Nevada when it opened in 1978. It is managed by the Mohegan Indian tribe.  If this is the beginning of transition for Atlantic City, then Mohegan Sun could have found it’s expansion it’s looking for south instead of north.

That’s all for now.