N.E.Time Gambling Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

I haven’t done this in a while.  Little thoughts that don’t add up to one post, but are enough to say in a one-liner.  So here goes…..

I think Atlantic City will eventually come out stronger.  I predict Revel will be back online and be successful in the coming years.

More AC thoughts – now that MGM is in Massachusetts, wouldn’t it be great to see MGM buy Trump Plaza, renovate it and make it once again the center jewel on the boardwalk?

Saw REBA at Mohegan Sun.  While never a big fan, she was amazing.  And she can do anything fantastic.  I was very impressed.

Please note – if you have “free” tickets to a concert at Mohegan Sun and they are very high up – stop bitching about it!  Be grateful – THEY’re FREE!!!

REBA Concert announced “no flash photography and no video recording….”      Yeah, right…...

Have you felt like you just can’t win much at casino slots.  My feeling is that research has shown casino operators that patrons can’t tell a poor paying slot, so, the newer the slot purchased, the lower the slot payout %.  Who’s gonna know?

Wouldn’t driving upstate to Maine’s casinos be fun during the foliage season?  Bangor & Oxford must be gorgeous this time of year.

When is Twin River going to have meaningful promotions that I can write about?

Has anyone else noticed the table games and slots disappearing at Mohegan Sun & Foxwoods?

Repeal in Massachusetts? C’mon, man……………money talks, ethics walk.  If you don’t believe it, just ask Steve Wynn!

If Casino Reward clubs can determine through marketing what I like at their casino, why haven’t they figured out I like to win every once in a while?


Enjoy your weekend.  If you have any random thoughts, let me know….I’ll be sure to give you credit.

That’s all for now.