New Generation of Slot Machine Playing – It’s a new Day

DEouble Diamond    Blazing 7's

Double Diamond & Blazing 7’s – the mainstays of an old slot machine age.  A time that some things were true –

  • You needed to read the glass to see the payout options – strict multiplier or pay for play
  • Mostly one line, three line line or 5 line
  • Need to bet MAX BET on progressives
  • Higher Denomination has higher payout %

But the new generation of slots have blurred the truths of the past, for example in reference to the above:

  • Check the slot HELP menu now to find out the pays & bonus options
  • With today’s technology, many times it’s almost impossible to understand what wins – 243 lines going everywhere on some slots, others, like Aristocrat Technologies have all scatter pays in their “Reel Power” slots
  • Max is not necessarily needed for mini, maxi, whatever jackpots that are randomly awarded between certain parameters, such as $250-$500 as the jackpot rises.
  • Higher denomination machines still payout higher for the most part, but buyer beware – percentages are lower than previous years.  A study done by Harrah’s showed gamblers – even daily gamblers playing the same machines – could not tell if a machine was “hotter” than others.  Thus, percentages have continually decreasing, especially penny slots.  Harrah’s found it was no advantage to advertise that they had “loose” slots since patrons couldn’t tell anyway.

But, there are some interesting improvements these days.  They include:

Service Windows – Video reels can narrow so you can keep playing the game while a display opens. The player can open it to call a cocktail waitress, make dinner reservations and check on status of player rewards points. The casino operator can open the window to make special offers. If there are empty seats for a show that evening, for example, the casino might open the service window to ask if you want complimentary tickets.

Instant tournaments – This goes hand in hand with server-based gaming. Systems such as Bally Technologies’ TournaMaker or Multimedia Games’ TourEvent will allow casinos to go from regular-play mode to tournament set-up in minutes. Instead of having to collect and correlate tournament scores on slips of paper, such systems do it automatically. And when the tournaments over, the games can quickly be converted back to regular play.

The long game – Some games have the option of saving a password. When you return to the game, just enter your password and you can pick up where you left off, play any game you’ve already unlocked, and keep all the medals you’ve earned.  It;s like playing a slot for a very long time, keeping all the awards, medals, or whatever – and even unlocking more graphics and games as you do.

And of course, how can we not mention a major invention to accomodate nickel & slot players, as well as cashiers – Ticket In Ticket Out, or commonly called TITO.  Sure, some of you purists complain about hearing the coins hit the tray – but you really prefer the better video so your hands can be black handling coins?  oh, and let’s not forget those hopper fills, stopping your play in it’s tracks.

Yes, slots have come along way.  We also have community games with shared bonuses, and Server-based gaming is still on the horizon.

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