Newport Casino Expansion is a Win-Win for Newport & Rhode Island


Here is a quote by yours truly from my post on July 9th called For Newport Casino, It’s Deja Vu All Over Again –  “I see the addition suggested by Newport Grand financier Joseph Paolino, which in a previous post I outlined his plans for a Monte Carlo style casino to fit with the Newport area, a positive concerning additional jobs and lower taxes for Newport residents.”

Here is a quote by yours truly from my post Are Better Days Ahead for Newport Grand? on May 25th – “In my opinion, a casino ala Monte Carlo fits perfectly with the high-brow summer resort town of Newport, complete with the yachts, the mansions and the beautiful sites – all away from the other side of town where instead of seeing an eyesore, you see something different from the usual slot palace.”

Here is a quote, yes by me again, way back on December 4th titled Hey, Rhode Island Casinos, This is Your Chance – Mass Continues to Spin it’s Wheels!” – “WAKE UP RHODY CASINOS!  This is your time – yes, I’m talking to you, Twin River & Newport Grand – it’s time to expand, extend, and examine your options!”

Why isn’t anyone listening to me?

I have been in favor of fixing up the dump called Newport Grand since I started this blog.  Yes, I called it a dump – but,  it’s not a reflection of the previous family owners.  They tried for years to invest and improve that facility, despite the Loydie-toydie rejections and false propaganda shown by Newport.  So, what’s different now?

A new economic impact study conducted by local economist and University of Rhode Island professor Dr. Edward M. Mazze, concludes the $40-million proposal would save 200 jobs and create more than 764 jobs during and after construction – and don’t forget the construction jobs it will create!  The proposal to make improvements at Newport Grand is an economic opportunity for the city – and the state – to protect the jobs and revenue that exist today, and create more of both,” Mazze said. “The alternative is bleak. The voters are being presented with a very clear choice with serious repercussions.”

Newport Grand RenderingsIn a report from Sandy McGeeThe for, Channel 12 News, the City of Newport currently receives nearly $450,000 annually from Newport Grand’s existing video-lottery terminal machines. Under the new agreement, the annual revenue would increase to $650,000 this fiscal year. Once the renovations are complete, the state would guarantee the city at least $9 million in property tax relief over the following six years.

So, a casino has already existed all these years, and before that a Jai Alai fronton.  I guess all that crime and shadiness is already there, so if you create more jobs and increase revenue for the state coffers, as well renovate and update the current casino, would someone please tell me the downside?   The expansion and renovation  will blend into the Newport Scene, and the addition of table games will bring in patrons from other states or keep locals around. Latest news about the table games is that over half would be a poker room – something that Twin River doesn’t have.  How ingenius to make Newport’s casino a different choice.

I’ll say it again – the expansion and renovation of Rhode Island’s Newport Grand is a Win-Win for Rhode Island.  Anything less will be giving CT and Massachusetts more of what they both want & need – the jackpot in New England’s gambling purse.


That’s all for now.