CT Gambler Caught Marking Cards – Good Try in the 70’s, But NOT in This Day & Age!

The Surveillancve Room in the movie "Oceans 11"

The Surveillance Room in the movie “Oceans 11”

Bruce Koloshi, last September, visited the Mohegan Sun and sat down at a Mississippi Stud Poker table in an attempt to win some money. The game, a table game that emulates the action of Texas Hold’em poker, normally has a house edge. – just like ALL table games. But he had a secret weapon: invisible ink with which he was marking the cards.

Really?  I mean, that could have worked forty years ago, but casinos are a lot more technologically savvy than that.  Casino surveillance is a science these days.

While I enjoy seeing players win from casinos, I have never condoned cheating – at anything – which is why I hardly ever win at board games.  Eye in the sky

But, before you try your luck at cheating, please read this –

Casino Surveillance 101, or “Five Reasons Not to Try Cheating in the Casino”Special thanks to TESTED for their Technology Website to inspire this posting.  You can see their show “Mythbusters” on the Discovery Channel and their website listed further down this blog

1) One of the most important advances in casino technology comes from Facial Recognition Systems where guests entering the gambling area are photographed and their visages are compared with an ever-growing database of known cheaters and suspicious people.  Not only that, but casinos have the advantage of NORA – Non-Obvious Relationship Analysis – to keep track of who you enter, walk around and socialize with, to discourage team professional gambling like Blackjack, and Video Poker.

2) Many casinos are now using a system called THE ANGEL EYE. The device is a customized baccarat dealing shoe that reads invisible ink printed on the backs of the cards before they’re dealt. It then records the deal and shows the dealer – meaning that if a player pulls a switch, it won’t match up with what the Angel Eye recorded and the cheater will be caught instantly.

3) Do like EZPASS – PokerChip.tocthe touchless way to pay road tolls?  Well, that’s made available through the use of Radio-Frequency Identification Devices, or RFID.  Well, Modern casino chips in high denominations are now fitted with RFID transmitters that broadcast unique frequencies based on their value. When the time comes to cash them in or use them at the table, they’re passed over a RFID reader to make sure they’re legit. This technology came in even handier at a recent robbery at the Bellagio – the casino simply remotely disabled the transmitters in the stolen chips, making them worthless to the thief.

4) As Technology gets better at catching cheaters, so do cheaters improve the technology to use.  Casinos are now using counter-surveillance technology – yes, that’s right, surveillance to catch the surveillance that is trying to get ahead of the original surveillance! – that actually is able to sense and find the technologu that cheaters are using. Video cameras release a specific high-pitched frequency when they’re used, so some casinos are now installing counter-surveillance scanners, sensitive machines that can pick up on that frequency and report it to the monitoring room.

5) National and Inter-national Cheater Lists – Griffin is the book of lists, the black book , if you will, now complete with facial recognition, of those banned from certain casinos, or known to be cheaters.  Unfortunately, advantage pro gamblers are many times put into this book as well.  But instead of cheating, they just play really, really, well.  Another advance in technology over the old Griffin Book, is One tool that they use is the Surveillance Information Network or SIN. It was  created by Visage Technology. This private networking tool links up over a hundred casinos nationwide and allows them to compare notes on cheaters, high rollers and other important players, as well as alert each other to new scams being run.

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PS – Check out TESTED’s Website at http://www.tested.com

Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are champions of science and technology, who worked on special effects for seminal Hollywood films before teaming up ten years ago to educate and entertain millions of viewers around the world.   You may know Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage’s work as co-hosts of the 5 time Emmy-nominated TV series

Mythbusters – on the Discovery Channel.


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