Some Things Should Stay in Las Vegas

Leaving Las Vegas


Hey there!  Did you miss me?  I know it’s been a few days since my last post, but there was a good reason.

I have been in Las Vegas.  One of my favorite places.  But it seems to be changing……good for Las Vegas, not for me.

These is one trend in Las Vegas that I hope doesn’t show up in New England’s casinos –  Club music everywhere – “oonse, oonse, oonse”……….it’s everywhere.  Heaven forbid that once you leave a casino you have a chance to relax.  It follows you everywhere – throughout the casino, then in the elevators, then pumped into the parking garage or the valet while you wait – even in the bathrooms!  Am I wrong to admit I enjoy quiet?  There’s a place for quiet after all the loudness and auditory stimulation.  But now, especially on the strip, you can’t escape.

Please, New England Casinos, keep the club music in the clubs!

Parking Garage

Casino Parking Garages – Quiet No More

I first noticed the trend at Borgata when it first opened, influenced by MGM’s need to keep you focused on their experience. (At the time, it was run by MGM & Boyd in a joint venture)  Then, it showed up again in Foxwoods-MGM and continues even though MGM pulled out.  From garage, to elevator, to casino floor (only not as much on the floor) – “oonse, oonse, oonse” – starting your blood pressure pumping and keeping it up there so that the adrenaline rush keeps you from leaving.  I hope this isn’t what Springfield, Mass can expect – club music pounding so loud from MGM Springfield that you can hear in your cars during rush hour on I-291!

We have non-smoking areas in casinos, how about no-club music zones!

So, for those of you who struggle with all that stimulation, when you’re done with your session, your visit, your event here’s some advice:

Walk, NO RUN, directly to your car as quickly as you can, shut the door, roll the windows up and have your favorite relaxing music ready to go.

Humans tend to be so uncomfortable with quiet.  Quiet should be on the endangered species list.  I see it in young people – ages 10 and up – when it’s quiet for more than 20 seconds, some youngin’ is bound to say “well, this is awkward….”

Why do you think people feel the need to say something (not necessarily to anyone specifically) in a crowded elevator?  We are afraid of silence!  I say embrace quiet.

So I say it again – “Please, New England Casinos, keep the club music in the clubs!”


Speaking of elevators, I have many new posts coming up including a Casino Elevator 101 rant, positive news in Oxford, ME of the economic boom the casino has helped create, and the events & promotions coming up in New England’s Casinos.  I will also be updating the entertainment page for September and October.

Keep following and I hope to touch everyone’s interest with a little this and that.  NETime Gambling (that’s N E Time) covers New England’s casinos and a whole lot more.

That’s all for now!



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