Mohegan Sun adds Lacrosse

The Mohegan Sun is adding to the sports portfolio.  It’s arena is already considered a great venue for concerts, but is increasingly being sought by college and pro sports alike.

In addition to the Connecticut Sun of the WNBA, NCAA tournaments, and High School State championships, their are plans to add a team from the Major Indoor Lacrosse  League.

According to John Altavilla of the Hartford Courant, the Tribal Authority is purchasing one of the nine franchises playing in the National Lacrosse League. The origins of lacrosse, of course, play nicely into the casino’s demographic. Its origins come from a game played by Native Americans, perhaps as far back as the 17th century. The game was modified by European immigrants.  The game played by the NLL is a variation referred to as box lacrosse. It is a condensed version of the outdoor game popular with many colleges and high schools on the East Coast.
The league opened play for the 1987 season on January 10, 1987.  The then 4 team league contested a 6-game regular season before a postseason which saw all 4 teams qualify for a single knockout tournament which ended with the Baltimore Thunder being crowned as the EPBLL’s first champion in 1987.

This addition to the CT shoreline is a good match also due to the number of growing lacrosse programs in CT high schools.  Amazing to many is that interest of both male and female athletes have skewed toward lacrosse instead of football.

Remember when I wrote a previous post about the Mohegan Tribe’s diversification of projects? Well, add this one to the list.


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