It’s bizarre how many people in Las Vegas like to compare something many don’t really notice – the casino floor.  Square designs, circle designs, custom design, – not to mention just the right colors to get you to feel like you want to stay.  Other considerations include where the walking traffic show go or the way that somehow, you’rein the middle of the casino – “How did I get here?”

So here’s a little game I see every once in a while in Las Vegas blogs – it’s called “Name the Casino.”  Your clue is the rug pattern. You’re given three possible choices under each picture. Good Luck!

Twin River Rug
Hollywood – Twin River – Foxwoods
Hollywood rug
Twin River – Hollywood – Mohegan Sun
Newport Grand Rug
Mohegan Sun – Newport Grand – Oxford
The bar area at the Oxford Casino
Foxwoods – Oxford – Twin River
HC MoheganSun.jpg
Newport Grand – Mohegan Sun – Oxford
Mohegan Sun – Foxwoods – Newport Grand


Here are the answers – all the middle choices are correct.

One thing is for sure – these casino carpets are definitely meant to hide the stains drinks, shoes, etc.


That’s all for now.