Mass Repeal Vote Could Be Confusing – Prof. Binbin is Here to Help!


Where else would “Yes” mean no and “No” mean yes but in the enigma of the impending Massachusetts Gaming Law?

To be fair, it happens all over the country in federal, state and local voting.  A law is passed, then it’s questioned, then more question it, finally followed by the additional vote to repeal or keep.  It’s part of our democratic process that we have cherished as Americans.  It gives us a chance to reflect on things passed in legislature that might have been hasty decisions that we, as Americans, can reflect upon and have the chance to change.

However, we’ve seen it especially in local government – it can be very confusing.  So, if you’re voting in November, it is everyone’s responsibility to know what you’re voting for.

Dear Massachustts residents:


Now, repeat after me:

“If I vote YES on the casino law vote…….(you’re turn)……,  I am voting to repeal the law ……(you’re turn)….., which means I am against Casino Expansion in Massachusetts…….(you’re turn).”

“If I vote NO on the casino law vote…….(you’re turn)…..,  I am voting to accept the law ……(you’re turn)……, which means I am for Casino Expansion in Massachusetts…….(you’re turn).”


Ok class, go do the research. Your assignment:

1) Investigate each person who comments either pro-casino or anti-casino. Ask what they have to benefit by their position.

2) Investigate casino proposals for political, ethical, and economical advantages & disadvantages.  Not only take individuals take (see part1 1), but check statistical data.

3) Investigate statistics throughout the country – not just your little parochial village of New England.

4) Write down the facts you find, the sources, and make a responsible decision based on political, ethical, and economical advantages & disadvantages for Massachusetts.


Next class will be as needed.  Work on that assignment day by day to be truly informed and ready for your test in November.  And remember, “Yes” means no and “No” means yes!


That’s all for now.