10 People-Watching Games for the Casino

Casino patrons

People Watching in a Casino

Alright, so in between having fantastic BBQ at the Mohegan Sun’s BBQ Fest, (if you ever have a chance to try “pig candy,” do it!)  and hearing fantastic music (the Stephanie Hansen Band rocks country the best!), my wife and I had extra time on our hands.  We were waiting for our next cultural experience of the day – Earth, Wind & Fire.  (By the way, EWF just keeps getting better with age, and Phillip Bailey has never sounded better!)  So, we had a little ice cream, and just sat – watching.  I stand corrected, THIS was our next cultural experience.

People watching in a busy casino begs to ask the following questions:

  • I repeat – where have all the home mirrors gone?  Do people really use them?
  • What is with the stripes?  I mean, they are just not flattering.  Those of us who are a little more “oval” than we should be, which is an “expanding” group in this Millennium (and I speak as a member), should not be wearing horizontal stripes.  I mean, seriously.
  • People get on escalators in various styles – from drunken stupor, to complete trepidation.  Very entertaining.
  • Sorry ladies, but stylish dress, beautiful jewelry and flip-flops are not a flattering combination.
  • And guys – seriously dudes, a loose-fitting warm-up suit with a fadora? – that’s just a loud call for help!

Anyway, it made me wonder of some other entertaining ways to people watch.  I got it – GAMES!  Try these people watching games for fun.  The more populated the casino, the more fun it can be, so try these on Friday & Saturday nights from 9:00pm to 1:00am.   Just be careful – some people don’t have much of a sense of humor after many drinks.

1)  What’s there Drama – guess what the unhappy couple is unhappy about?  Let your creativity shine.

2)  As the comedien we saw, “The Coach – Tom Wately” says, just walk into a store and when they ask you if they can help you, say “I’m here for the Colslaw!”  Reactions in clothing stores, as well as pizza joints and parking valets, are interesting.  Oh, watch out for the steps of security behind you

3)  Two Truths, One Lie – Without knowing who they are, pick a small group or a couple and make up two truths and one lie.  Let your creative juices flow.

4)  Who belongs to Whom – You see a group of four or more, gender doesn’t matter.  Try to figure out who belongs to whom.  You’ll never know, but have fun trying.

5)  People Watching Bingo – agree on 5 weird things you’d see someone wearing or carrying.  First one to find them wins.

6) Real or fake?  Enough said

7)  Finish the Conversation – find two people talking, and make-up the conversation as they go.

8)  What’s their name? – Guess the person’s name just by looking at them – suggestion, don’t go check with them if you’re correct.

9)  Chad or Stephanie – Pick out people you think may be named ‘Chad’ or “Stephanie’.  Casually, yet loudly say Chad or Stephanie in what sounds like a conversation.  If the person looks at you, the other person you are sitting with drinks, or even better, the one with the most points treats at Ben & Jerry’s.

10)  Famous Look-a-like – find people that look like famous people.

Playing for fun, keeping score, or playing for a prize of some sort is completely up to you.  Just have fun.  At least you’re not losing any money.


That’s all for now.