“Oh the Humanity!” – Saturday Night a the Casino

Casino People

I went to the Mohegan Sun to see “The Coach” at the Treehouse Comedy Club in the Cabaret. The show was good and he was his usual funny, zany self.  But the real entertainment is people watching on an extremely busy Saturday night.

Remember the bar scene in the first Star Wars movie (Episode IV) and the infinitely different cast of characters in that lounge?  Well, it’s wasn’t completely the same inside Mohegan Sun, but….

PEOPLE WATCHING – it’s what you can do when you’re not gambling, or just walking around, or even taking a break and sitting down for a while.  PEOPLE WATCHING – try it, you won’t believe what you will see.  (careful, this might seem judgmental – and it is.  But when a person goes out in public, there are some areas that are just odd or downright funny.)  I will have a post later this week with 10 People watching games you can play.  But back to Saturday night.

Here’s a few of our memories of the night:

THE DEMISE OF THE MIRROR INDUSTRY – this, I am sad to say, must be true.  I believe there must be a lack of mirror availability – maybe even on the verge of mirror extinction! After what I witnessed Saturday night, people can’t be buying them.  Are they too expensive?  Are they illegal?  Can you only find them on the black market?  Okay, enough.  You get the point…….moving on

THE TINY BLACK SKIRT BRIGADE – this must be a cult club, or something.  I alsways wondered why females – young and older – would wear clothing that seems to be uncomfortable, tight, short and uncomplimentary that makes a person wearing them completely self-conscious and, well, UNCOMFORTABLE!  Then, I got it – stronger arms.  Women wear these styles for the physicall benefits.  No, not those physical benefits.  (get your mind out of the gutter, this is a family blog) but to build biceps and triceps with the constant pulling up the top, pulling down the bottom.  Ingenious.  My wife thought of the cult’s new name – “the Tuggers.”

FUNNY CONVERSATIONS OVER HEARD – So, you know it’s busy when you see this perfectly dressed couple, (like, ready for opera dressed, or something really classy,) and the dapper gentleman yells back at his lovely wife saying, “hurry and get that table” while they are in line at the Soup Man in the Food Court.

FUNNY AND ANNOYING – “I won, I won!” (scream, scream, scream).  Either it’s:  A.)  somebody freaking out over getting five cherries in a row on a penny slot – with a 25-cent bet (ah, newbies), or B) Someone really winning a large jackpot letting everyone know – including those who may compromise their safety.  Not so smart.  SECURITY!

HERE’S A NEW ONE – three young guys, all with drinks, just hanging out talking guy stuff – in the restroom.  Not at the urinals, not washing their hands, just leaning against the wall, one sitting on the sink, drinking and chillin’.  This could be an anti-cult to the TUGGERS.

We left, just shaking our heads and smiling……. Oh, the Humanity!


That’s all for now.





That’s all for now.




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