A different kind of post today.

A healthy “CONGRATULATIONS!”  to Tim Dressen on your successful surgery. (I know you love the bold font with the exclamation point, Tim.  Just think of the quotes as an egg on your pizza!)  God Bless his wife Michelle for the next week or so.

Tim & Michelle Dressen are the creators and personalities behind  “Five Hundy by Midnight,”  voted the Best Las Vegas podcast.

I’m sure I speak for every from the Five Hindy by Midnight Facebook community (also voted best community) we are happy to hear your good news. Bravo!

Oh, by the way, Tim and Michelle, I think your tour through Vegas Casinos south strip was hilarious on your last podcast.  Can’t wait until you get to the North Strip.  It’ll all work until the real Tim & Michelle are back live again, yahoo.

For anyone going to Las Vegas soon, and reading this post, please click on Five Hundy in my links to the right – the Best Las Vegas podcast for your trip.  Be prepared, the speech can get, shall we say “informal” or a little “salty” – oh, damn, they swear – but it’s still the best.

So, NETime Gambling, New England’s Casino Blog, says get well soon, Tim.

That’s all for now.