Round and Round We Go – Granite State Raceways And Casinos?


Two speedways are getting the nod as best casino facilities.

Casino advocates dangled $25.2 million in revenue sharing for cities and towns before lawmakers in the latest attempt to expand gambling in the state. Proponents told the House Ways and Means Committee the money will help reduce property taxes and take some financial pressure off communities.

The two raceways mentioned are New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, and Rockingham Park, a facility that has been optioned to the Millennium Gaming owners, Bill Wortman and Bill Paulos of Las Vegas.

Rockingham has been the original place mentioned, but there seems to be reasons to consider the Loudon property. Senate Bill 366 would allow two casinos to share 5,000 video slot machines and 240 table games and still includes two possible facilities. Although the House killed House Bill 1633 by about 30 votes last month, the Senate approved SB 366, which would legalize two casinos with 5,000 video slot machines and 240 table games, and sent it to the House, which has never voted to legalize casino gambling.

A speedway study in 2010 showed NHMS could build a small casino, with 750 slot machines and 24 table games, that would bring $50 million in revenues in its first year.

Revenue sharing and getting a quick start would be advantage for the Granite State. And since Maine and CT casinos advertise at these raceways, a step ahead of expansion in Massachusetts and Maine could help NH immensely – that is if the legislature in the House approves the bill.

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