Franchises I Would Like to See in New England Casinos

This morning I ate at IHOP for the first time in ages. Amazingly, it prompted a thought for today’s posting. I thought “IHOP would be a great addition to a New England casino! ”

Then my mind wandered – what else would be a great dining / retail chain to have at a casino resort?

Casinos from New England to the Vegas Strip have been switching its food and retail offerings from their own ownership to chains, probably to cut costs…I mean, this trend wouldn’t be happening if it was costing them money!

Hmm, what else would I like to see – something popular? Something out of the ordinary? Something never heard of before?

Here’s some chains that I would like to see offered in New England resorts and casinos:

  • IHOP – c’mon, it got everything, and they’re not exactly everywhere like McDonalds.
  • 7-Eleven – why leave the casino at 2:00am to eat when nothing is open when you could chow down on that over-cooked burrito? Yumm
  • American Dairy Queen – hamburgers, blizzards and dilly bars, oh my!
  • Lego Land (like at the Mall of America) – instead of leaving your kids in the aisles outside the casino, or in the KidsQuest, where they can play games similar to the casino, they can actually have fun building something.
  • A college annex – while you are playing blackjack for hours, your spouse can actually get a degree.
  • Great Harvest Bakery – some of the best breads you’ve ever eaten, seriously.
  • Finally, the Food Channel restaurant and store (I just made this one up) – eats the foods you see on TV with a rotating list of stars, chefs, and culinary entrepreneurs. Casinos could feature food festivals monthly by different chefs. Any one could buy the same cooking utensils that the iron chefs use – only at 4X the cost.

Well, the mind is a terrible thing to waste, as is a nice afternoon in the sun. I’m afraid I might be guilty of both today.

That’s all for now.