Who’s Best For Boston – Mohegan Sun or Wynn?


The Boston Skyline

A dispute over Boston’s negotiating rights for the two proposed casinos could delay the eastern region awarding of a casino license until August, or even 2015.

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh is seeking surrounding community status for Boston from whoever is given the license, which would give Boston a more powerful negotiations position with developers, as well as other controls and perks.

So, which is better for Boston – Mohegan Sun or Wynn?  Let’s see what officials of neighboring cities say as competition between the two heads toward a Massachusetts Gaming Commission decision.

Boston City Councilor Sal Mattina blasted Wynn for being “downright dismissive, disorganized, and uncooperative.” I think he forgot arrogant, overly confident and patronizing. (TALLY: Sun – 1, Wynn – none)

One if the owners of land in Everett where Wynn wants to build, has declined to sign a promise that no secret owners would profit from the sale, raising questions about potential criminals involved with the Everett project. (TALLY: Sun – 2, Wynn – none)

Chelsea City Manager Jay Ash said he is an “unequivocal” supporter of Mohegan Sun, calling it a much better proposal for the region. “I am convinced the Mohegan Sun People really want to have a positive impact on the region, (not just Everett)…”
(TALLY: Sun – 3, Wynn – none)

Melrose Mayor said Mohegan Sun negotiations with Melrose provides a better package of benefits for the city, and has consistently included Melrose in its regional discussions. (TALLY: Sun – 4, Wynn – none)

Salem Mayor Kimberly Driscoll said the Sun proposal is more supportive of regional benefits. Salem has a surrounding community agreement with the Sun, but not with Wynn. (TALLY: Sun – 5, Wynn – none)

Seems kind of one-sided. Does anyone want the bully billionaire around Boston? What about those outside of Everett who think Wynn has the better deal?

Mayor of Newburyport says she prefers Wynn because if potential traffic problems around Suffolk Downs. But she also says “I would prefer no casino.” Hmmm…not necessarily a vote of confidence for the gaming industry in Massachusetts.

Malden Mayor Christenson doesn’t want to take sides, since Malden looks to have surrounding community agreements finalized with both soon. Somerville Mayor Curatone has followed a similar path, but continues to support the coalition to repeal the casino law.

The rest of the surrounding communities seem neutral at this point, feeling that their city’s gamblers will go to either one.

Doss anyone support Wynn’s proposal? Apparently, Wynn does. At the website awynnforall.com, you can sign up your support. But his use of the media to get invisible support is much like his glossy videos in cabs in Vegas – high on quality, low in substance.

Quality seems to be what the Bay State’s communities are looking for. So far, Mohegan Sun gets the nod!

That’s all for now.