New Hampshire Still Can’t Make Up It’s Casino Mind


This on-again, off-again interest in gambling from New Hampshire is getting annoying.  In the past year, just when I get the feeling of which way it was going, days later it was reversed.

Now, after the previous casino bill was defeated and all thought that casino gambling was dead in New Hampshire, the House’s tax writing committee will hold a hearing on a new Senate plan to legalize casino gambling in New Hampshire.

The latest plan would legalize two – that’s right, not the one that was defeated, but two casinos sharing a total of 5,000 video slot machines and 240 table games. The House killed a bill a month ago that would have legalized one casino licensed to have 5,000 video slot machines.

The latest bill includes $25 million in revenue sharing with communities. House gambling supporters had talked of adding that to the House bill had it survived. Gambling supporters say it is a way to share money with communities that could be the point of concern for anti-gambling residents.

In early March, Casino gambling in New Hampshire was not considered a good bet for the House Ways and Means Committee  as it voted 11-9 to kill the bill that would establish one high-end casino in the state.  But I did mention at the time that there was still a legislative opening for another bill to provide two casinos.


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