“No Casino” Theme Again? – This time It’s New Hampshire!


Casino gambling in New Hampshire was given another set-back a few weeks ago when the House Ways and Means Committee Tuesday voted 11-9 to kill Bill 1633 – which would establish the regulatory framework and oversight authority for a casino with up to 5,000 video slot machines and 150 table games.  The committee also voted to kill three other casino bills Tuesday, two that would have allowed six casinos in various parts of the state.

Of course the same old pro & cons concerning New England’s casino expansion continued to be aired.

The Cons:

  • Committee Chair Rep. Susan Almy, D-Lebanon, said casino gambling will create more problems down the road and increase demands for state services.
  • Casinos will hurt the state’s family-friendly reputation and increase problem gambling;

The Pros:

  • If the legislature fails to pass the bill, charities will lose money when the Massachusetts casinos open, according to Rep. William Butynski, D-Hinsdale
  • New Hampshire to act or lose millions in state revenue to Massachusetts and its new casinos.

So, any reasonable observer would think that casino gambling is dead in the New Hampshire.  But, technically, the issue remains alive, since the state Senate has another bill (SB 367) that would make it legal to have two casinos in the state.  Somehow, no matter what kind of restructuring the NH legislature tries to do, I feel the result will be the same, “No Casino For You!.”


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