Hash House A Go Go at Mohegan Sun – Great Food, Even Better Service


Alright, I covered it when it opened because I was so excited to have Hash House A Go Go closer to me than the one we visit in Las Vegas.  I once again recommend this restaurant in Mohegan Sun, in CT.  Love the food – get the same thing all the time and is consistently terrific.  It’s billed as “Keep the fun in food while pulling from the experiences of farm fresh agriculture, live stock, and old recipes with a twist.” When you go, keep an open mind and be ready to take part of your meal home.

But last night, something had gone wrong.  Our food wasn’t the same quality, actually sub-par.

This is a crossroads for most restaurants – how to make a situation like this better for the customer.

From that point, their exemplary service took over.  They agreed it was not the usual quality, remade it, offered us drinks, recooked our meal in ten minutes, brought our meal as we had expected it, gave us a discount, and all the while treated us with respect and appreciation.  Of course, it helps when you are calm and respectful while pointing things like this out to the management.

The rotating manager, straight from Las Vegas was Chris Phelps.  He was awesome – he could tell we were Hash House regulars, and treated us like family.  Chris should give seminars in great service and making the customer’s experience a happy one.  Many casinos and their restaurants could take a page – no, a chapter – out of Mr. Phelps book.  Bravo!  The Hash House A Go Go chain should be pleased to have employees such as Chris.  (Hey, Caesars Entertainment – are you listening?)

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Rachael, our server. Spectacular!  She truly cared about her customers as if they were visiting her own house.  She said she was new, but had a personality that matched her care and consideration, as if she had been there since it opened.

So, what could have been a disappointing meal and visit, ended meeting new friends, enjoying great service and believing that some restaurants do care about their customers.  We’ll be back, soon.

“That’ll be two Fried Chicken & Waffles, Please!”

That’s all for now.