John Grochowski – Gambling Guru and Sage

I love reading what John Grochowski has to say.  Whether it be video poker strategy, gambling advice of all sorts, or stories he tells of his years of experience, he is both entertaining and extremely resourceful.  You must check out his writings, books and posts.  I have added his homepage to my favorite websites on the right.  You can also read his posts on Facebook & LinkedIn.  (by the sway, the picture is not John……or is it?)

The following is influenced by his article in Casino City Times called Sage Advice for the Casino Gambler. I have turned it into a list of New Year Resolutions.  Ok, so, it’s a little late – but is any commitment to enhancing your gambling experience, as well as your finances, ever TOO late? I say, “Ney,ney!”

So, here is a list you can live by your next visit to the casinos – and the next, and the next……

1) I shall not play outside my allotted bankroll.

Playing more money than you planned will only turn into more losses more times than not.  And chasing your losses with extra money is a dangerous habit. Remember, the same house edge that took your money is still in play on your “extended bankroll” money. By the way, if it’s extra, and you can lose it as part of an “extended bankroll,” why wasn’t it included in the first place?

2) I shall take a break when my bankroll is approaching my limit quicker than expected.

Or, I will find a slower game to play slower – like VP on the slowest speed, or playing low limit on roulette.  Better yet, go get a snack or something.

3) I shall not continue to play on “house money” after a large win

You know why?  Simply put, it doesn’t belong to the house any more, it belongs to you!  While you’re remembering that, also remember to make the decision of how much you are willing to continue wagering and how much you willing to take home.  Always try to go home with something left!

4) I shall learn the games before I go.

At least learn basic strategies for games such as Video Poker and Blackjack, as well as basic etiquette that goes along with casino games.  Nothing is worse than raising the “ire” of other players or dealers if you embarrass yourself unaware of what NOT to do.


5) I shall not lose the proper perspective and play for fun.

As John Grochowski says, “Gambling in a casino is not a way to get rich. It’s a way to have a good time. If we take a little extra home, so much the better.   Even a losing day can be fun if you keep your expectations realistic. Sometimes you’ll win, but often, small winning streaks and a few near-misses will be the highlights of the day.”

Words to live by.

That’s all for now.