New England – A Casino Destination plus History, Culture, Beautiful Seasons and Incredible Diversity

New England is known for many wonderful things.

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  1. Lobstah!  2. Boating & Marinas    3. Covered Bridges  4. History  5. Coastlines/Lighthouses   6. Beautiful Beaches & Sand Dunes  7. Great Cities

So, Why Blog About New England State’s Casinos & Gambling?   Good question?  Some will say “who cares.”  But I wouldn’t, I care!

New England could also be that special vacation destination – six little states with everything plus casino gambling. What more would anyone want?  And as a gambling destination, six casinos and more to come.

I have traveled and studied gambling destinations all over the country.  If you visit Las Vegas (which I call the Mecca of American Gambling), you are surrounded by casinos – on the strip, downtown, locals areas in Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Boulder.  But there are other notable clusters of casinos:

Atlantic City – now down to 11 (and maybe 10 by the end of the year) is sad lately, but still has a variety of experiences in gambling, with the history of it’s Boardwalk.

Biloxi & Tunica Mississippi – with their clusters of casinos, history, Tunica near Memphis for you Elvis fans, and Biloxi with it’s beautiful beaches.  I have fond memories of visits to Biloxi, but unfortunately, hurricane Katrina took away every casino/hotel I stayed in.  But, since, it has been climbing back to relevancy.

Reno, Nevada – “The Biggest Little City in the World” has struggled over the past decade, but because of trying to redefine it’s market in Nevada, there are many good values to be found.

And there are more – Chicagoland (Ind/Ill.) with 8 gambling boats and properties, Detroit with four casinos, Blackhawk, Colorado with it’s many small casinos in the atmosphere of an old mining town.  And there are other destinations I miss mentioning due to the length of this article, not because they aren’t important, but this is blog is about New England Casinos.

So, I blog about New England Casinos and Gambling, with a little news about general gambling topics.  Why?…..The history and the business fascinate me.  Plain and simple.

But why New England? – some say it’s people are stuffy and unfriendly, there’s too much winter, it’s Puritanical background is a foundation of outdated laws and conservatism, (and all the other stereotypes that I consider questionable, or even insulting).  But, just like anywhere in this great country of ours, you have to dig deeper to find the truth.

Because I have lived here all my life, and I have been here for the entire life expanded gambling, starting with the Jai-Alai Frontons in CT & Rhode Island and the many horse & greyhound tracks across the 6 state area.  I have seen it for it’s good and it’s bad.  I have witnessed New England’s gambling evolution, and will soon witness it’s explosion.  I am an advocate for Casino Gaming in New England without putting my head in the sand to ignore the many concerns that come with it.  Why can’t New England be a casino “destination?”  Look how spread out Chicagoland’s casinos are over two states – why not over 6 small states?  A trip from Connecticut’s mega-casino resorts in CT to Maine’s most northern casino in Banger is 6 hours – same as going to Atlantic City from the same CT casinos.  In that six hours there are six casinos, the beautiful scenery of our seasons, food and culture that rival the best in the country – Providence, Newport, Cape Cod, Boston, Springfield, Nashua, Portsmouth,  Kennebunk, Portland and all the way up to the Maine desert. (Yes, that’s right, a desert in Maine!)

So, this blog is still in it’s “construction phase. As gambling expands in Massachusetts & New Hampshire, and Casinos in the States of CT, RI, and ME continue to tweak there brand for the competition ahead, so  will I try to keep up you informed with the news in New England’s Casinos as it happens.

The following are additions to be included in the complete blog:

  • Entertainment Page – already up, showing the weekend entertainment, as well as headliner appearances throughout the month
  • Promotions Page (already started) – covering the monthly gaming promotions
  • Dining Page(coming soon) – covering dining specials in NE casino restaurants & buffets
  • Gambling 101 – basic explanation of games found in the Casino

So, stay tuned – you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!  Bundle up – it’s cold out there!  But as we say in New England, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute!”

That’s all for now.