“Viva Las Vegas” links – Stay Close, the Second Half of our NETime Links Tour is About to Begin…..

Yesterday, I explained the gambling resource links in my blog. Did you try any?       

Well, the tour continues, and “these are a few of my favorite links.”  Las Vegas, my favorite place! I love to visit at least once each year, even though I live on the East Coast. However, unlike many, I like to do my research and plan my itinerary. I look for deals on slot play, VP tournaments, good restaurants, great drinks, fabulous shows….well, just about anything. Deals are available in Vegas, but not a plenty as it used to be, and for many reasons. But the evolution of Las Vegas since the 80’s is a great topic for a future blog. Today, it’s all about my Las Vegas links on NETime gambling.com. So stay together and follow me….

       First and foremost, my favorite of all is “Five Hundy By Midnight.” The website is just the tip of the iceberg. The best part about Tim and Michelle Dressen, the website hosts, is their award winning weekly podcast. At first, it is an acquired taste, and can include explicit language at times, but the information they present, the opinions the freely give, and the responses of their fan’s phone calls are essential if you want the best out of your Vegas Vacation. My week is not complete without listening to their casual banter and rants, while jotting down the many interesting things they say. But just like Las Vegas, their podcast is for adults, not kids. One big perk to the podcast is the Facebook community – voted best Vegas internet community. The Five-Hundy members are great in answering any questions you may have. All in all, if you want to know the real Las Vegas, check out Five Hundy By Midnight with Tim & Michelle.  It’s a riot.

       Las Vegas Advisor, run by Anthony Curtis, is a great resource for news, dining, gambling, and hotel information. Members getThe optional membership fee includes a monthly newsletter and coupon book that I feel is the best coupon book for Las Vegas. The fee is easily regained by what the coupons save you. The Las Vegas Advisor forums are very informative, covering everything about Vegas and gambling all over the country.

     Vital Vegas is run by Scott Roeben. He’s a little crazy, and opinionated and very entertaining. Once an employee for Caesars gaming in Las Vegas, Scott gives a different perspective on things. As the website says, he covers news, deals, tips and…well, you just have to visit it. His last post is about a great slots app…..but I’m not going to take away his expert opinion, you just have to visit his website to get the idea of all that Scott presents. A very well run website with new posts often,  and really just a lot fun to visit!

VegasTripping.com - A Sinner's Guide to Las Vegas      Finally, Vegas Tripping. It’s the most comprehensive website about Las Vegas, as well as Atlantic City and Macau, China. It is famous for its year-long awards, the “Trippies,” which give you an insight into the best and worst of Vegas.  A must visit throughout the year as it’s group of bloggers and gambling experts provide it all.

There is one more podcast that will be included soon in those links.

VegasGang is called the “smartest Vegas Roundtable Discussion about Vegas and beyond, due to its three pros – Hunter Hillegus, the originator of the incredible Las Vegas app “VegasMate,” Chuck Monster of the previously mentioned “Vegas Tripping,” and the amazing Vegas historian and gaming educator Dr. Dave Schwartz, professor at UNLV and author of the the books “Roll the Bones” and “Grandissimo,” the story of Jay Sarno. Another must resource for those visitors to Vegas as well as those interested in the history, business, and tends in gambling not only in the country, but the world.

Well, this completes my tour of links on NETime Gambling. I hope you will try all of these resources. The biggest mistake that most people make when visiting Vegas is going without a plan. These websites and podcasts will help you plan for the best time of your life in America’s playground.

That’s all for now.