Reminder – Mohegan Council Member On “Undercover Boss”

How would you like to be a called upon by a TV show you have been following for five years? 

Well, that’s what happened to Mohegan Tribal Council Member Bruce “Two Dogs” Bozsum.  

The Mohegan Sun, as well as Mohegan Sun Poconos, will be featured tonight on “Undercover Boss” at 8:00.  Bozsum ends up working as a beverage server, valet attendant and slot attendant. At the Mohegan Sun specifically, he was helping set up for a show and worked as an usher.  To keep anyone from recognizing Bozsum, the show staff shaved his head, gave him a beard, mustache, tattoos and earrings – even extended eyebrows.  As you will see, it worked – fooling even his own son!

Tonight, 8:00, on CBS.

That’s all for now.