Does Anyone Enjoy an Empty Casino as Much as Me?

We are going to have a snow storm in New England this weekend.  No biggie, it’s part of the season.  It’s also the reason my relatives moved to Florida after living here most of their life!

But snowstorms have always meant a different excitement to me me. During 34 tears of teaching full time it came to have a special meaning – you know what I’m talking about –
A trip to the local casino on a Snow Day was fun, winning or losing.  It was about space, selection, and being one with the casino.  (Pause a moment to reflect)

Ok, I’m back.  Even though it’s a weekend, I still always get the wonderful feeling and memories I enjoy when I think about being in an empty casino.

Admit it – I’m know I’m not the only one.

So, to paraphrase Julie Andews,  “…here are a few of my favorite things…” (in a casino on a Snow Day)

Hardly any human beings to deal with:

  • Nobody bumping into you gawking at the scenery, or looking for their spouse.  Nobody having to yell the length of a football field to get someone’s attention.
  • Less smoke – especially if it’s 6:00 am.  The crispness of the air inside is almost matched by the air outside – well, it’s better than usual.
  • Less “mosiers” –  you know those people who walk at a snail’s pace.  But even if there are a few, you can easily power walk around them.

Casino Atmosphere:

  • Space – lots and lots of space.
  • Machines and tables galore.  You could try to play anything you wanted, even table games you’re not that good at for practice.  Just think, playing every single slot you never tried before.  Or putting in one coin in every Video Poker JOB at the $1 denom.  Why would you do that?  Because you CAN.
  • Limited beverage service that caters to you – because you’re the only one there!
  • Space to walk – yes, it’s great to get a power walk in at times to clear your head, especially if it’s large like Mohegan Sun, Foxwoods or Twin River.


  • A quiet breakfast in a nice restaurant.  Or, if you are one of those (like me) who are just on the under the level to use the high roller lounges, sometimes you get in because there is no one there!

Now, there are a few things to be aware of.  Less cashiers, less beverage service, some parts of the casino might be closed down if employees can’t get in. And be aware – there’s always that one person on a scooter that thinks it’s Talladega because of all the available space.

(cue music)  “It’s the Most Wonderful Time… the casino”

But beware – the busses start to come in before noon time.  Plan your getaway accordingly or you just might be there for the day!  6:00am to 11:00am on a snow storm day – casino bliss to a few of us.

That’s all for now.