Random Thoughts – New England Casinos

Ok, it’s time to release some of my concerns about New England’s Casinos – some generic to all casino gambling, others specific to New England.  Why wait, here I go….

So, Palmer doesn’t think Mohegan Sun didn’t do a good enough job to sell it?  The New London Day reports today that Mohegan Sun spent $485,000 on its failed attempt to persuade Palmer, Mass., voters to endorse a $1 billion casino project prior to a Nov. 5 referendum, campaign finance reports show. The sum is about 29 times what an anti-casino group spent and equals the price of buying 24 new slot machines (at approximately $20,000 each).  Hmmmm…..maybe they could have spent more since 24 machines is equal to only (approximately) .4% of their floor inventory.

Over the same period Mohegan Sun spent $485,000, the pro-casino Citizens for Jobs and Growth in Palmer, spent $13,145, nearly all of it supplied by Northeast Realty Associates, owner of the 152-acre site where the casino would have been built. Not much support, if you ask me……

The use of social media by the casinos is out of control.  If I see one more Tweet of Facebook entry from casinos about one more jackpot winner from CT, or see anymore pictures of jackpot winners from Oxford Casino in Maine, I’m going to need to sue for “sight pollution!”  We know – Jackpots happen to a few.  Stop already!  Besides – the “selfies” are bad enough from the patrons.  Who cares which bathroom you went to after eating at the buffet?

New Hampshire – why bother?  You know if you have another chance for a casino, anti-casino groups will get together an d it will be strike two!  If it gets further than that, Massachusetts will send more troops up there to stop it anyway.  Ah, yes – Massachusetts – the state of the anti-casino mercenary force.

Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods – your buffets are not worth the money it takes to pay for it, let alone play to earn one.  The quality has dropped, but the prices continue to rise.  The Mohegan’s overhaul is a step back, even though they tried to copy the M Resort’s Studio “B” Buffet in Las Vegas.
Ever try to earn one on your points? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Foxwoods Festival Buffet (dinner) – $19.99 (without any specials added).  To earn that on your rewards, it would take $1800 through slots and $30,600 through video poker to earn 20 points. (Stats to get figures taken from vpFree2.com)
  • Mohegan is much more mysterious with it’s information, but you can imagine it’s similar.  And remember, the Sun has lots of full-pay video poker – THAT YOU CAN’T EARN POINTS FOR!

Finally, what’s up with the lack of headliner entertainment in January?  Don’t the casino entertainment managers know we need a place to go and people to see in the doldrums of the winter?  You know, something besides Reality Fighting…..we get to see that every night on the news and “reality” TV.

That’s NOT all…….but it’ll do for today.  I feel better already.