Hey, Rhode Island Casinos, This is Your Chance – Mass Continues to Spin it’s Wheels!

What’s that old saying – “you snooze, you lose.”

WAKE UP RHODY CASINOS!  This is your time – yes, I’m talking to you, Twin River & Newport Grand – it’s time to expand, extend, and examine your options!

According to the Providence Journal, Rhode Island officials say the state’s two casinos are expected to boost revenue instead of dip due to Massachusetts’s casino expansion indecisiveness. The long-expected fall in revenue at the Twin River Casino and Newport Grand expected in the budget year beginning July 1, 2014, is now expected the following year. It could actually be further away, since that little Plymoth Rock has as much of a chance to open a casino as anywhere else in Massachusetts at this point. Even MGM in Springfield still isn’t a sure thing.

After celebrating the 2-year anniversary of the expanded gambling law’s, Gaming Commission Chairman Stephen Crosby says it may be three more years before a Bay State casino opens and called online wagering a “major unknown question” on the gambling horizon.

Ladies & Gentlemen, when I say Mass. still isn’t sure it will even HAVE casino gaming, I mean that three things just might halt the whole thing – 1) anti-casino advocates strength continues to grow, 2) more & more signatures are added to a petition to repeal the law, and 3) the Pandora’s Box of internet gambling that New Jersey just started could be the start of internet gaming throughout the country. (It is already legal in Nevada.)

I’m just wondering – how long would it take the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to set up controls for internet gaming? Hmmm…….

While Crosby called it “highly unlikely” and “totally speculative,” that the law would change, he acknowledged the possibility of relaunching the application process if gaming regulators do not believe they have a quality bidder. “I see no reason why we wouldn’t open it up and just do this over again,” he said.

Meanwhile, I’ll say it again – Hey Twin River, build that hotel on site before Massachusetts gets its act together! You may not only see continued revenue success, but you may get a foothold in New England to rival any casino in the northeast! (Mohegan Sun, Foxwoods – are you listening?)

That’s all for now