New England Casinos Introducing Exciting New Games Introduced At Global Expo

The Global Gaming Expo is an amazing show of all that’s new for casino floors. New England’s casinos were represented in attendance and some exciting new additions will soon be seen at many casinos throughout the county, including the northeast.

Digital Technology is becoming more impressive every year. For example,larger display screens abound, many of them feature a new curved design. According to Norm Bell of the Hartford Courant, “The new games want players to use all their senses. Improved speakers deliver music, dialogue and sound effects. Larger, deeper chairs rock forward and back as well as side to side to enhance the journey or help deliver a sense of terrain-shaking action……. the range of new games relies heavily on vintage film and television themes for inspiration.”

New Slots will feature the themes the likes of Batman, Avatar, Ferris Bueller, Jurassic Park and Titanic to name a few. The main reason game makers are spending money to develop this new experience of gaming on steroids is to attract a whole new generation of clients – online gamers used to mobile and internet games. The games they’ve enjoyed playing online will be waiting in casinos with enhanced sound, light and motion that goes beyond what they could experience on a smartphone. A good example of this is WMS introducing “Walking Dead” slot machines. What’s next, “Call of Duty” and “Grand Theft Auto?”

However, these new machines bring other interesting concerns for casinos, especially smaller ones. The new gaming consoles are taller and larger than their predecessors. While the rule of thumb used to be 30 square feet per machine, new models are demanding almost 50 percent more room. One concern of casino design experts is that the tall machines may block sight lines and interfere with signage, and especially security. There are also concerns the growing space requirements may reduce the number of machines a casino can handle. Seeing these machines are usually on a limited time lease, you may notice the slot floor change more to accommodate the constant flow of machines bought and leased.

All in all, check out the new breed of machines, if your need for stimulation is high. Then again, a good old three reel Double Diamond fits the bill as well. Whatever floats your boat!

That’s all for now.