So, just when we get used to things at our local casino, they change something accordingly for  “the better.” To be honest, many casinos change their clubs – some out in Las Vegas (MGM) change every few years, partially due to acquisitions, and new casino clubs that influence change. Others keep the same club name and basic system, but change the inner workings such as Caesars (Harrahs) Total rewards and Stations Casinos. Mohegan’s basic club structure has been in use since the casino’s opening in 1996.  Let’s take a look at what we know about the Sun’s new rewards club “MOMENTUM.”

According to the Sun Website, “… You’ll earn Momentum Dollars to spend on our world-class dining, premium brand shopping, hotel stays, spa treatments and more. Momentum also rewards your level of play with Personal Achievement Awards that may include Free Slot Play, Match Play or other valuable rewards that amplify your thrills.” Ok, so far nothing new. Yeah, we know – your play is tracked and you earn points in two ways, your points to spend and your “tier” points that track your level of play. So, what’s different about this new rewards club?

1) According to Mohegan Sun, with Momentum, the more you play, the more power you’ll have to personalize your Mohegan Sun experiences. VIP lounge access, hotel stays, concert tickets – you’ll have the momentum to achieve them all and the flexibility to choose the ones you want. I guess this means that each person will be able to note their preferences instead of hoping the data collected predicts your interests. If this is true, this would be a good thing. I mean, why let a computer tell them what you like – better you do it yourself. This is especially noteworthy for low to mid rollers that don’t use hosts.

2) Reward points to spend on dining, shopping etc., are now called “Momentum Dollars.”
What will be interesting is the % of return on your dollar. In other words, on Video Poker with lower pay tables (not the ones that are marked no points earned) is a terrible $270 = 1 point. Slots are less, but considering most casinos use the relationship of 2:1 for VP vs Slot dollars earned, let’s just say $130 through = one point.
The trend is to make the earning worse for the player. Let’s hope it doesn’t get any worse because as casinos go nationally, this is very low.

3) There are now four levels, not three:
CORE – under 600 Status points. Status points are the previous Tier points

LEAP – (600 – 1400 Status Points) benefits including priority Hotel check-in, reserved parking and 10¢ off per gallon of gas at Mohegan Sun Mobil Gas Station. Momentum Accelerators will increase your Momentum Dollar earning rate and you’ll have increased access to complimentary hotel stays, Arena entertainment tickets, VIP lounges and Mohegan Sun Country Club at Pautipaug.

ASCEND – (1400 – 4000 Status points) Additional benefits in addition to LEAP Level include a dedicated priority check-in desk and an Executive Host ready to assist you, access to our VIP lounges and 20¢ off per gallon of gas at Mohegan Sun Mobil Gas Station.

SOAR – (4000+ Status points) Additional benefits include visiting any of three VIP lounges at any time, requesting a complimentary hotel suite on the weekend with priority check-in at Aquai and enjoy free Arena tickets along with access to the Express line at the Arena Club. Plus, you’ll receive 30¢ off per gallon at Mohegan Sun Mobil Gas Station. Best of all, you will have the benefit of having a Player Development Executive ready to assist you in exploring the limitless options for experiencing Mohegan Sun the way you want.

Their website includes a chart of all benefits and the comparisons to all levels. Check it out. As to whether this is an improvement, or a new “smoke and mirrors” show to take more and give less, only time will tell.

Also, all Momentum points are usable at Resorts in Atlantic City, and Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs, which was true recently with the old rewards club.

That’s all for now.