“Where do I start to play new Casino Games?”
This is a good question you should be asking youself if you value your money.  If you just want to throw it away by playing games without knowing how to play them, good luck with that – because that’s what you’ll need – PURE LUCK!

But, playing new games – both Video Poker and Table Games – needs some prep work, some resources so that your bankroll won’t diminish quickly, you have a longer chance to win, you have a better mathematical chance to win, and you can earn more rewards with a longer play.

Being new at anything brings with a certain uneasiness – everybody knows the stuff you don’t know. It comes with a new job, social media, a new circle of friends, and especially – AT THE CASINO!

In the olden days, when I had to walk through 5 miles of snow, wind, and cold to get to my local casino (uphill) and we didn’t have internet – or phones – or books (am I laying it on too thick?), we had to learn the old fashioned way – play, make mistakes and let everybody at the table think there was something wrong with you.

OK, that’s not true – at least the snow, etc., part. But the internet, wireless devices, apps, and even the casinos themselves, have made it easier to learn how to play AWAY from the games and BEFORE you use your own money.

In the next week I will posting about resources that will help you learn tables games outside the usual Blackjack, Roulette & Craps. Today, however, I would like to start the considerations for Video Poker players.

There are many new games out there. Volatility is a word VP players should know about. Besides the payback, which refers to the pay table and how much you win per bet, volatility, or variance, can cause a big difference in the size of your bankroll swings in the long run. For the recreational gambler, it can mean a quick loss of bankroll the bankroll, a quick (and not suggested) return to the ATM, or a quick ride back home.

Video Poker seems to be coming out with new games every day. If you’re not careful, you could lose your bankroll in an instant.

Video poker games are no way near the same in payback, volatility and bankroll needed. Strategy of different games, such as Jacks or Better (JOB) or Double Double Bonus (DDB) can be very different in certain instances. JOB should include different strategy in itself depending on the size of the flush payback alone!

In the old days, I was pleased to know the strategy to play the usual offerings – JOB and Deuces wild. But now, here are some of the offerings in your casinos – have you seen them?  The list is staggering!

Ace Invaders
Anything’s Wild
Black Jack Bonus Poker (VP with a BJ bonus)
Build a Wheel Poker
Chase the Royal
Crazy Times Pay Poker
Deal Draw Poker
Double Down Stud Poker
Double Super Times Pay Poker
Dream Card Poker
Extra Action Poker
Extra Draw Frenzy Poker
Fifty Play (Fill in the blank)
Five Aces Poker
Five Play (Fill in the blank)
Good Times Pay Poker
Hundred Play (Fill in the blank)
Hyper Bonus Poker
Multi-Streak Poker
Multi-Strike Poker
Quick Quads Poker
Random Rewards Poker
Spin Fever Poker
Spin Poker (VP in the form of a slot machine)
Super Times Pay Poker (random mulyiplier)
Ten Play (Fill in the blank)
Trade Up Poker
Triple Play (fill in the blank)
Triple Play Keno Draw Poker (yes, keno plus VP?)
Triple Play with Match Card
Triple Spin Poker
Twenty Five Play Draw Poker
Ultimate 4 of a Kind Bonus
Ultimate X Poker
Wheel Poker Deluxe
Wheel Poker with Quick Quads

Yikes!  That’s a lot of possibilities. There are many more variations, made worse by the varied JOB games used as the base for each. 

Tomorrow I will take the quest for Video Poker Knowledge further with resource suggestions.  But for now, stick with what you and enjoy the time with your sacred casino friend – your bankroll.

That’s all for now.