Website / Podcast Recemmendation – "Gambling With an Edge"

Bob Dancer is a video poker expert and gambling author best known for his book “Million Dollar Video Poker,” which recounts six years of video poker experiences. Currently he writes a weekly online article for More than 400 of Dancer’s articles are archived on

Whether it’s in the car, by the pool, or at the fitness center, I like to listen to some of my favorite podcasts. Currently, Bob Dancer co-hosts, with Richard W. Munchkin, (Black Hall-of-Famer), a weekly hourlong radio program called “Gambling With An Edge,” on Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. on KLAV 1230 a.m. in Las Vegas. This podcast is for the serious gambler, or those who are very interested in the business and industry of gambling. It’s purpose is to make you a more informed gambler and closer to being an advantage player – a player looking for the best positive advantage in gambling.

Every week, Bob & Munch host guests that give in depth looks into many aspects of the casino world that are not usually discussed. Here are some of my recent favorites:

  • Michael Gaughan – owner of Southpoint Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and son of the famous gambler and Vegas entrepreneur Jackie Gaughan, famous for Binion’s Casino and the World Series of Poker.
  • Ray Konder, CPA – how to file taxes as a professional gambler; insights into promotion and legal problems with casinos; tax info for all gamblers
  • “Old-Timer” – an anonymous Las Vegas professional gambler reminiscing about video poker teams and gambling promotions; changes in gambling and casino security.

The information provided is amazing. From looks into the historic “good old days” of Las Vegas gambling, to the latest suggestions on how to best maximize current promotions, such as Atlantic City’s Revel and their recent $100,000 rebate.

It’s a highly rated podcast by its listeners – obviously the serious gambler, gambling historians and the like. If you want to hear it live, the Live Air-Time is: 7 PM Thursday nights on KLAV Talk-Radio 1230am In Las Vegas. You can listen live

As for me, I prefer to have my Bob Dancer & guests accompany me to work.

That’s all for now.