All I Wanted To Do Was See The Comedy Show at Mohegan Sun….

There are a couple themes in this post, but you have to read the whole post to get them, and the last might be the most important of all.!

Last night just confirmed for me what I knew already….stay away from casinos on Saturday Nights!
It’s probably why I stay away from the strip in Las Vegas, or never stay over on a Saturday night in Atlantic City.  But there were other things that I did learn about Mohegan Sun, and it wasn’t pretty.


First. let’s start with the obvious. Those of you who live Massachusetts, LISTEN UP!  This is what you have to look forward to.  These are general weekend occurrences at casinos all over the country, and to a casino coming to you.

TRAFFIC & PARKING – Wow, I have never seen so many cars at that casino in my life.  I usually park in the winter garage, which is the last to fill up.  IT WAS FULL!  I parked in the parking lot outside so far away, I was closer to the Fire Dept. than the Casino Garage Entrance. Oh, and for all of you selfish people who consider yourself “Special” because your car so expensive it deserves two parking places, “YOU”RE NOT ALONE IN THE WORLD!!!”  We counted at least 20-30 more spots in the garage alone taken up by these inconsiderate idiots. 

DRUNKS – need I say more?

LOUD, OBNOXIOUS, “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME” BACHELORETTE PARTIES – so many blood-curdling screams, you’d swear there was a horror movie being filmed.  Oh no, it’s just another arrival before they spend ten minutes in everyone’s way taking their 34th “selfie” on their iPhone.

DRUNKS – maybe Maine has it right.  You have to pay for alcoholic drinks in Maine at both casinos.  Massachusetts, hello out there?

PEOPLE EVERYWHERE – AND NO ORGANIZATION or EXPERIENCED HELP TO AID WITH CROWD CONTROL – on a busy night like Saturday Night, when Styx & REO Speedwagon are in the Arena, and New York’s favorite vulgar comedian Nick DiPaolo was at the Cabaret, there should more, knowledgeable staff available. (segue)


AND NOW, the real reason for today’s post – All I Wanted To Do Was See The Comedy Show at Mohegan Sun…. TOPIC: EVENT TICKETS, or more apply titled, “THE LEFT HAND DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THE RIGHT HAND IS DOING.”

Arriving 40 minutes before the show, I was told I wasn’t on the list for tickets.  But, I had reserved them by phone through a mailer sent by email weeks previous.  Not only did I not have tickets, but they didn’t have enough tickets to hand out – and it wasn’t sold out!  So, a line formed behind me, waiting for the tickets to arrive.  The staff were placed in a very awkward situation, since I over heard them say they didn’t like their nightly assignment.  Why would they, if they were on the phone contacting hosts because patrons names weren’t “on the list,”  and they were obviously not  taught skills to handle the variety of problems thrown at them, AND there wasn’t the support and hosts available for them at the time of the comedy show to get their job done!  It was a mess, to say the least.  But it seems this is more the norm than I thought.  Here are two stories that we were told by other patrons while we waited at the front of the line for tickets:

“I drive from a hour away.  They say I don’t qualify, yet I get the offer by email.  They say I have no tickets, and this isn’t the first time – the same thing happened two weeks ago.”

“We drive from Darien.  We were promised a suite, but have a regular room.  My friends couldn’t show, but we have to get in line and get all four tickets.  Last time they charged us $25 each and I was afraid they’d do it again.”

The problem lies with Mohegan Sun’s Marketing and Hosts.  Again, “THE LEFT HAND DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THE RIGHT HAND IS DOING.”  You see, offers are sent by email for events to patrons, and yet, if you sign into your Mohegan Rewards Account on their website, it says that you must purchase.  When I called to confirm this event, I was told I had tickets, and reserved them. The agent I talked to said it was a problem, and “did I know I had other offers coming up as well?” This really needs to be fixed.

MORAL of the story – always check and recheck your comped offers before going to any casino event.  Expect that “THE LEFT HAND DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THE RIGHT HAND IS DOING.”


A HAPPY ENDING.  There are a lot of kind and considerate people in this world, and we met two of them.  Bill & Rosemary also had two extra tickets, and offered them to us to be their guests.  We sat with them in the middle of the Cabaret, great seats, and met two wonderful people.  The show was raw, vulgar, funny and not for the sensitive, but that’s a review for another time.

AMONG THE VAST AMOUNTS OF HUMAN BEINGS, DRUNKS AND BACHELORETTE PARTIES, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CAN ALSO FIND AT CASINOS – GOOD PEOPLE.  Thank you Bill & Rosemary for making lemonade out of lemons for us.  You’re ACES in our book.

That’s all for now.