The HyperLoop, the Answer to New England’s Casinos Concerns?

The 5th Type of Transportation Should Be Beta Tested In New England!

Elon Musk introduced the Hyperloop this week. The basic concept is “a cross between a Concord and a rail gun and an air hockey table,” as Musk described it at a conference in May. Columns of air would push passenger cars through special, low-pressure tubes at speeds greater than 600 mph. To reduce friction, the cars would levitate on a cushion of pressurized air.

Solar panels would run along the top of tube to provide power, Musk writes, and excess energy would be stored in battery packs for operation at night and in cloudy weather. That means the hyperloop “can generate far in excess of the energy needed to operate.” That would have dramatic consequences for a transportation sector that is second only to electric power in total US energy consumption. And I have the best place to try it!

Just think, not winning at Mohegan Sun?….. use the Hyperloop to check out the Springfield Casino and you’re there in 5 minutes. Want to try table games at Twin River, but live in Bangor?…. take the Hyperloop and you’re there in 7 minutes. Then close your eyes, count to 20 and you’re at Foxwoods for the buffet!

So, connect them all, from CT to Maine, and have Hyperloop transportation for work, leisure, etc. Think of the possibilities:

  • Fly from Florida to see the fall foliage – and see it in all six states in one weekend!
  • A brewpub crawl through Hyperloop and ride a taxi to the next outsanding New England craft brew!
  • You feel like you want Maine lobster for a weekend feast, so within 15 minutes you,re actually IN MAINE from anywhere in New England.

Hey, Elon, if your listening, New England is the place to try it out! Email me at this site…we’ll talk and do lunch. Do you like Casino Buffets?

That’s all for now