New England Casino Dining Reviews – a Yearly Look

After SolToro’s stunning visit and review, I was wondering about previous dining reviews.  I have found out two things:
1)  I need to visit Twin River and
2) I eat at Mohegan Sun much too often.

So, after 260 posts, with various references to dining specials, candy wars, and the occasional rant on service, here are the rankings so far, according to the BVR (Binbin Value Rating).  Remember the BVR is based on the ranking of winning hands in the video poker game of JOB (Jacks or Better).  The best to the worst is Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 4-of-a-Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, 3-of-a-kind, 2-pair, JOB pair, and nothing, nada, zero, empty set, “no soup for you!”

SolToro, Mohegan Sun – The BVR = A ROYAL FLUSH! Jackpot!

Hash House A GoGo, Mohegan Sun – The BVR = A ROYAL FLUSH! Farm fresh food with portions that can feed an army.

Shrine Sushi Special, MGM at Foxwoods – The BVR = Straight Flush

Buffet at Newport Grand – The BVR = Full House

Virgils, Mohegan Sun – The BVR = Full House!

California Pizza Kitchen, Foxwoods –  The BVR = A Flush
It’s always an uplifting happening to your game!

Oxford Grill, Oxford Casino – The BVR = Flush

Margaritaville, Mohegan Sun, – The BVR =A Flush
Remember, a flush isn’t just 5 cards in a row (a straight), there all the same suit. The “Fun” at Margaritaville makes the difference between a straight and a flush.

Buffet at Hollywood Casino, Hotel & Raceway – The BVR = Straight

Geno’s Fast Break Food Court, Mohegan Sun – The BVR = Only Two Pair

Lansdowne, Mohegan Sun – The BVR = Two pair, 8’s & Aces. Deadman’s Hand. Definitely not a winner!

Please note – A casual restaurant not mentioned that is our “go to” meal before a CT SUN basketball game is BBP at Mohegan Sun, Bobby’s (as in Flay) Burger Palace.  I haven’t officially reviewed it, but I’d give it a BVR = straight flush for gourmet burgers, terrific fries and consistancy in meals and service.

That’s all for now.