It’s Mohegan Sun "Sun"day – and SolToro is Today’s Feature

Let me start with a situation fin Video Poker that some of you can relate to – being dealt 5 cards, none of which should be held. (especially in Deuces Wild.) Ok, no big deal (pun intended) but on the draw of your next 5 cards you are pleasantly surprised with a flush, or a full house…..or maybe even a Royal Flush! (yes, it happens). Well that best describes my dining experience at SolToro.

So, after reading this review, go try

According to the Mohegan Sun website “this authentic Mexican restaurant features handmade guacamole and tortillas. The bar menu includes a list of eighty tequilas, offering blanco, reposado, and anejo selections, specialty margaritas and tequila-based cocktails.” Three years ago, I first visited SolToro and found poor service, good but overly priced food, a loud party atmosphere where socializing with people at your table was impossible, and little concern for it’s patrons. Sounds pretty bleak!  I decided to try it again, and I am so glad I did. I introduce the new SolToro.

SERVICE: Excellent! We were greeted and seated by smiling hostesses to the very back of the restaurant. We were one of three couples in that area and the music was too loud for conversation. We asked if it could be lowered, and withing a New York minute, it was to the perfect combination of festive background music that anyone could have a conversion over! Catering to their clientele so quickly was just the beginning of the terrific dining experience we were about to have.

Kate, our server, was spectacular. She even helped us take a picture on Instagram for a monthly picture contest. (Specifics on the contest later in this post). Other servers stopped to answer questions or concerns we had (like the music) even though they had other tables. By the time we were ready to leave, I felt as if I had dined with friends.

BEVERAGE: My SolToro Margarita was very tasteful, rimmed with it’s signature salt. The portion was just right with a classic balance of sweet and sour. My wife enjoyed her “Skinny Girl” margarita, which has a splash of soda and no salt.

THESE BEVERAGES ARE INCLUDED IN THEIR SUNDAY TO FRIDAY BITES AND DRINK SPECIALS FROM 4:00-5:30pm. The appetizers looked very enticing, but we were glad we held off to have room for the night’s food.

FOOD: After ordering, a large order of warm tortilla chips are brought to your table with a thin, extremely tasty salsa, different from the usual chunky variety, with just enough heat for most palates.  You won’t find the usual combos on this menu. Instead, you will find great authentic Mexican food, tweaked to the side of gourmet, with reasonable prices. My Chile Relleno & Enchilada combo was absolutely delicious – and one of the biggest chile rellenos I’ve ever had. My wife loved her Mixed Grill – Cilantro marinated filet Mignon, pork tenderloin, and chipolata-adobo chicken, all served on a bed of plantains and a trio of delicious sauces. The price for the mixed grilled was $26, which might  sound a little steep, but the value of gourmet preparation and taste was worth every penny. Most Mexican entrees are between the $13-$15 range and are accompanied with authentic rice and re-fried beans, some of the best re-fried beans I’ve ever had. You can check the menu online, since their their is too much for me to cover here.

DESSERT: While not hungry anymore, we felt we were on quite a roll, so we shared two desserts. Both were outstanding! The Chocolate Banana Burrito was like the combination of two desserts – the burrito soft shell around the soft banana on top of a chocolate sundae, with pumpkin seeds added throughout ( I loved the pumpkin seeds…and the burrito….and the….well, you get the idea!). Not to be outdone, our second dessert was very different, and something you MUST try – the Chipotle Brownie. It is accompanied with cinnamon ice cream, and the soft, decadent brownie has a slight amount of heat from the chipotle. It was one of the best desserts I have ever had – and anyone who knows me will agree that I know and love my desserts!

PROMOTION: Everywhere you look , you see sombreros. If you take a funny, interesting, or maybe serious picture and send it through Twitter or Instagram @ SolToro  #SolToroSombrero, you will be entered into a contest to win $50. This is an ongoing promotion each month. Believe me, if you put on the sombrero and you can’t help but smile.  Check with the restaurant to be sure I got this info correct, I was still in Chipotle Brownie heaven when it was explained to me.

REMINDER to SUN SEASON TICKET HOLDERS: You have a 20% discount on food through the regular season.

The BVR rating (Binbin’s Value Rating) – A ROYAL FLUSH!

I would like to thank the staff, our server Kate, and General Manager Marshall Crane for making our night one of the best dining experiences at Mohegan Sun in years. Marshall did say they will be tweaking the menu to include possible explanations and pairings of the many brands of tequila to the food menu. This would include suggestions for the tequila that would best enhance that specific entree. If the best beer brewpubs do this with beer pairings, then why not tequila? I think it’s a great idea to educate those of us who still think tequila is all the same. Bravo, SolToro!

That’s all for now!