Foxwoods – CPK Dining, and Improved Video Poker

In a recent visit to Foxwoods, I noticed three important factors to consider visiting, or re-visiting one of the largest Casinos in the World.

1)  First, a constant value with great food and service is the California Pizza Kitchen, which they also call CPK (OMG, too bad we’ve gotten so lazy as a society that we can’t say complete words any more – LOL).  The service has been consistently attentive with a smile every time we visit.  My wife and I love their salads – particularly the Thai Crunch and Mediterranean Chicken Salads. A smaller portion is always an option, and a complete meal!  Stop in if you haven’t been in a while.
The BVR rating (Binbin’s Value Rating) – A Flush
It’s always an uplifting happening to your game!

2)  It seems that Mr. Butera, or whoever is involved with the gaming floor, has been listening to some of our complaints concerning the pitiful video poker inventory.  I found the Great Cedar Casino vastly improved with new machines, better paytables, and a fresher feel.  Quarter VP players are still left with 8/5 JOB and 7/5 Bonus, but I did find 8/6 JOB at $1 denomination.  Also, many new games have been introduced – Ultimate X, and Ultimate 4 of a Kind to enhance the 3, 5, & 10-play already there.  And, while I admit to not visiting that casino lately, it seems more progressives are available. 
I also saw 9/6 Double Double Bonus VP in the Rainmaker Casino. 

NOTE – always check the denomination of the machine before playing!  I can’t tell you how many times I have play a nickel slot/VP only to find it was actually $5 – OOPS!

It was a good visit.  I think I’ll visit again soon!

That’s all for now.