New Hampshire Casino Rumblings….Again?

Once again, states continue to look to gaming to bring in revenue to their state’s economy. It’s just a surprise that the concern(need) has risen out of the ashes again in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Sen. Lou D’Allesandro has rekindled talk of gaming in the Granite state saying he will file legislation in September calling for the Legislature to approve casino gambling to generate millions of dollars in revenue for the cash-strapped state.

If you recall my coverage months ago, his decision comes on the heels of a House of Representatives vote in May to kill Senate Bill 152, a proposal that would have permitted the establishment of a single casino in the state. And I thought after that defeat, the fight was over. But since then, D’Allesandro said he’s been contacting Democrats to discuss the issue with them so he can draft a bill that addresses their concerns.

“Residents need to tell their lawmakers that expanded gambling is desperately needed to boost state coffers and fund millions of dollars in repairs to the state’s deteriorating roads and bridges. They know the roads are falling apart, they know the bridges are falling apart and they know we don’t have the money to fix them,” D’Allesandro said.

But there is lots of concern that New Hampshire is just too late to the Casino Party – stating that there is so much gaming everywhere in America, let alone New England. Other New Hampshire legislators think it would be a mistake to be included in what is perceived as a soon to be saturated and declining industry.

Jim Rubens, chairman of the Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Gambling, saying “The New England casino market is almost fully saturated, Internet gambling is already legal in three states, and taxpayers in three states are now subsidizing failing casinos. Why a New Hampshire legislator would want to hook our economy and state budget to this is beyond me.”

So, in New Hampshire, the DJ has had a request to replay an song previously played. Everybody on the dance floor, the last dance is about to start all over again. It’s called “the Massachusetts Knee-Jerk.Reaction”

And we dance again……..that’s all for now.