Candy Store Wars Between Connecticut’s Casinos

In case you haven’t noticed, there are two new candy stores in the CT Casinos. Both are are well known throughout the country. However, in some areas, they are quite different.

Dylan’s Candy Bar
At Mohegan Sun, Dylan’s Candy Bar, a pioneer in the candy industry, shows a passion for candy, art and design and redefined the words “candy store.” You can experience over 5,000 types of candies including 300 types of bulk candy ranging from standard gummy worms, gummy bears, peach rings
and cola bottles, to wacky gummy teeth, and my favorites killer gummy sharks! You can also find novelty and nostalgic candy, including Wax Lips, Pixy Stix, Pez, and those candy cigarettes that I loved as a kid. They also have a great array of bulk chocolates, including the customer favorite Vanilla Clodhoppers.

Dylan’s Candy Bar also extends beyond candy and chocolate so much, they want to wear it – with candy-inspired tee shirts, tanks, pajamas, hoodies and more. Candy-colored jewelry and accessories, like “I Love Candy” bangles (featured in InStyle) and Whirly Pop Tote, will add sweet accents to any outfit.  Dylan’s Candy Bar also has their Re-Treat Collection: a collection of spa products inspired by favorite candy flavors, designed to cleanse, soothe and melt stress away.

Dylan’s says, “Candy, chocolate and all things sweet are our passions, but more than anything we love sharing them with all candy fans…that means you!”

Just 10 minutes away at Foxwoods-MGM Grand is a little different type of candy store – Lick.
LICK, the ultimate candy shop, has everything from confectionary classics to decadent modern creations, sure to satisfy adults and kids of all ages. With something, or perhaps everything, for even the most discerning sweet tooth, LICK boasts candies and souvenir novelties from around the world, all wrapped in a fun, contemporary and interactive environment to delight both the young and young at heart.

The store is small but nicely laid out, similar to Dylans. It has your typical candy store offerings like Jelly Belly’s and chocolate covered nuts, but they also had tons of old school candy that’s hard to find now days. I was able to pick me up some Bit O’ Honey, another childhood fave, and it was actually soft!

However, there is a place that steers Lick away from the usual family candy store. They have an entire section of gag candy – tons of sex themed suckers, mints, etc. for bachelor and bachelorette parties. They also have an entire section of Bacon items – from band aids that look like bacon, to bacon flavored floss, to gummy bacon. If you want chocolate covered ants, or a sucker with a worm in it, they have it. If you want a giant gummy cockroach, they have it. If you want a tin of mints with your name on it, they have it as long is your name is simple like John, Sue, or Michael. Like a certain flavor of Jelly Belly (like Dr. Pepper)? You can buy the flavors in bulk or individually!

One more thing, they also have a “LICK” photobooth, where you can take a picture of how you “lick” your candy. (Haha, I guess the pun may be intended if you want it to.) Then you can choose to email it to yourself!

All in all, both are worth a visit. Expect to pay a little more for the casino locations, but I can’t imagine anyone not pleased with the selection – especially those adults of you looking for something, let’s say, a little mature in content at LICK?!

That’s all for now. I need a sweet for my “royal” sweet-tooth.



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