"Mohegan Sun" Sunday – Geno’s Fast Break Deli Dining Review

Geno’s Fast Break Food Court – A Dining Review
Geno’s Fast Break Food Court and taste award-winning dishes from around the world! You may have heard of Geno Auriemma, the UConn Women’s Basketball coach who has led them to 8 national championships. Dining here includes dishes ranging from Italian, Asian, Mexican, deli sandwiches, salads, desserts and more.The decor includes portraits of Geno, Asst Coach Daley, and past players such as Rebecca Lobo, Nykesha Sales & Jennifer Rizotti. Over the many years it has been open, I have eaten there many times, and I have heard good things about their fried seafood and Asian cuisine. Today, however, I wish to comment on it’s “Deli” menu.

First of all, it’s considered by Mohegan Sun as casual dining, probably because of the “food court” moniker. But casual doesn’t necessarily mean good or in-expensive dining!

We tried three different sandwiches. The Buffalo Chicken wrap, in which the wrap was surprisingly soggy, the Roast Beef Horseradish Wrap, which was good, and days before I tried a panini with Prosciutto that was very greasy and extremely salty. The menu says it’s served with a pickle, kettle chips (not any more, they now serve regular old potato chips) and (non-descript) macaroni salad, which was ok. For the price, I would expect a higher quality of food – wraps are $10, Paninis are $11. This is not cheap dining. Casual atmosphere, yes – casual in price, no.

One little note – When I asked for tap water instead of paying $3 for a 12oz. bottle of water, the server went in back and poured a cup of luke warm water from the sink where they wash things and handed it to me. Really? …that’s all they can serve someone who just wants clean water, and maybe a little ice? There should be a law against that.

The BVR rating (Binbin’s Value Rating) = Only Two Pair
It’ll get you through when you’re hungry and need a relatively quick meal when needed, but is really a higher priced, step up from the mall food court.

Does Mohegan Sun have Too Many Pricey Restaurants?
In my opinion – yes! Besides Johnny Rockets, where else can you get a cheap meal? In case you are new to visiting casinos, a staple of every casino used to be the “coffee shop,” where you could get a good meal – especially breakfast or lunch – that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. At least Foxwoods has Fuddruckers, Nathans, and Subway. Let’s hope when they open their new retail area that it includes some cheaper options.

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