Sometimes, I just watch people when visiting a casino.  My mind wanders, and random thoughts come and go. 

So here’s a few that came up after I saw the CT Sun win Sunday:

I think, after looking at all the people leaving the CT Sun game, I have an idea to help gamblers who deal with obesity – and there are a lot of us.  Make a non-smoking, workout room that has slots & video poker with good paytables and payback % that are connected to a treadmill or stationary bike.   Yes, I know – cool idea, huh?

Shouldn’t the parents of young children actually be parenting their young children in the aisles and hallways of a casino? 

Stood next to a sign that read ” No-smoking Area.”  Beneath the sign was an ashtray, and on the other side, a guy was smoking, using the ashtray. Hmmm…

I’d love to see a slot machine themed around the old TV show “Barney Miller.”  It would have a progressive, and be similar to Hangover, with the bonus divided into bonus for Barney, Fish, Wojo, Harris, and Yemana.  If you are old enough to know about the characters just mentioned, maybe you’d enjoy a “Nightcourt,” “Andy Griffith,”  and the “Roadrunner” slots also.

How is it that motorized scooters don’t have a speed limit.  They are meant for mobility, not for hostility!

I need to learn how to play craps.  It always seems to be the game with the most fun.

I think I’m going to start making up stories for those people who insist on giving advice or asking for advice while I’m playing, like “rainy Thursdays, when less people visit, is the a day casinos turn off the switch that tightens the machines and increases the pay % by 2%.”  That’s when those Google Glasses would kick in and video their responses.  YouTube, here I come….

Where do casinos get these rugs?

Comedian Mitch Hedburg said it right – Escalators don’t break down, they just turn into stairs.

What musical keys are all these slot machines in?  Do they all have the same use the same scale?  Is there such an occupation as a “slot machine jingle writer?”

Instead of drinks, how about handing out free ice cream bars, or gummi bears?
Beverage server: “Beverages?”
Bin:”Yes, please.  I’d like a black coffee and some gummies.”
Beverage server: “Sharks, snakes, or bears?”
Bin:”Sharks, please.  Thank you…”
(That would be so cool)

When do I know when it’s time to go?  When my mind wanders too much…..


That’s all for now.