AC Trip-the good, the bad, and the sadly same old, same old

The Good
1) Stayed at Borgata – Great renovations to room. Big flat screen tv, refrigerator available, and if you have stayed at red rock in Vegas, and loved it, you’ll feel right at home.
A great casual dining place is the Bread and Butter for terrific sandwiches and
Roma’s has terrific breakfast sandwiches. I suggest the Roman wrap with the hash browns in the wrap. Outstanding.
They are celebrating their 10 year anniversary celebration and were giving away free t-shirts.
The gaming at Borgata is great – VP with 9/6 jacks all over, even 9/6 DDB. Fun slots, as well as the usual new ones included Dolly Parton and my new fave Willy Wonka. The oompa loompa random bonus is similar to the Glinda bonus on the old wizard of oz machines, only the the screen is extended to the panel above. Lots of fun.

2) The Atlantic Club, which used to be AC Hilton , is nicely renovated. And good promos. Friday is $1 comp buffet day and is a Great value. Its a small, but good buffet. Choices are limited, but well done. Limited desserts, but chocolate cake is to diefor. Other promos include free parking if you make $1 tier point (otherwise, parking is $10, ouch!). And for first timers, after 1/2 hour play, you are eligible for $5 – $5000 in free slot play. Normally, it’s the usually bottom given out like $5, but I received $20, which I made into $60 playing slots. So lets review: free buffet for 1 tier point ( fridays only), free parking for another tier point, and a free slot play that played into $60 profit. I definately recommend Atlantic Club – I’m going back.

3) Revel – loved it. It’s like being in Vegas. It probably doesn’t fit the AC casino profile, but definately worth the visit. After a tough start, they are trying to right the ship with many changes. And the month of July includes a loss replacement promo that seems like a pretty strong play. It brings a freshness of a resort that AC desperately needs. Great little touches, like an taco truck inside the casino, anda bar called mussels with a beer menu like I have never seen. Fabulous for the beer conisiure.
So, between AC Club, Revel, and the best of AC borgata, I’ll be back.

Now the Bad & the Sad

1) Resorts – the only good addition to this place is margaritaville and the landshark grill overlooking the beach. The speakeasy vibe the are going for in the casino is not working. And the gaming is pathetic – poor vp, high table limits (buts that’s all over AC) and typical of boardwalk properties, it seems that to the place that old slots go to die. I mean, even the reels are outdated, never mind the video slots which seem ten years behind the times. The place left me with the feeling like i needed to take a shower upon leaving.

2) Caesars (I still call them Harrahs) properties on the boardwalk.  Filthy, overcrowded, machines, many outdated, packed on top of each other, enough to suffocate everyone. Terrible vp tables, high limits, dirty, abused and not kept up. The same “mo” as in Vegas – properties full of neglect. And it’s quite obvious that wild Wild West is just an afterthought for Harrahs entertainment – 75% is closed off, neglected and basically used to get you from Ballys to Caesars.

3) Also a sign of the times for the boardwalk – lts of people for beach, same scuzzy traveling carnival feel walking on the boardwalk. I sware that the same people own all the cheap disgusting clothing sheds ( I can’t even call the kiosks because it would be insulting to kiosk owners). The pier, the big boat of shopping has more empty stores than ever. Similar retail to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun? I Think NOT!
Anyone go to the deli “Pickles” in Ballys? It used to be the quintessential east coast casino deli – now it’s a a takeout fast food deli. Same good menu, but the ambience is gone for good. It was sad eating there, even though their Reuben is one of the best.

The wrap up, unless you like dilapidated, smoke filled, outdated casinos, stick to the three corners – Atlantic Club, Revel, and the best – Borgata.

That’s all for now. Back to New England, where my real gaming heart is.