Newport Grand Trip Report

It was a dark and dreary night, and the storm raged around us.  Someone said to the Captain, “Captain, tell us a story.”  And so the Captain said, “It was a dark and dreary night, and the storm raged…”

Friday night was a tropical storm, and yet, my wife and I still ventured out to the Newport Grand Casino in Newport, Rhode Island.  I don’t think I had visited more than once since it was a Jai Alai Fronton, so it was worth the visit – a visit that proved surprisingly good.

The Facility:
Yes, it’s small and it doesn’t take long to look around each floor.  While old and still has memories of it’s Jai Alai days of the 80’s and 90′ it was very clean.  It’s a family operation, owned and managed by CEO Diane Hurley, and I was pleasantly pleased.  It has 3 floors – a top floor for smoking, bottom floor for non-smoking, and lower floor that includes some slots, the Grille and the Buffet, as well as a bar that features the Newport Storm beers on tap, as well as standard craft brews such as Newcastle & Sam Adams.  I had the Blueberry Newport Storm, which I though was quite good and fresh.

The Buffet:
Small – but very good.  This buffet would put the small buffets in downtown Las Vegas to shame.  Tender, juicy prime rib, delicious stuffed shrimp, and a salad bar that was fresh and had many items not seen in an ordinary salad bar.  It’s deserts were small and very tasty, so you could try many of the sweets in one sitting.  All being a Friday night, it was the Prime Rib and Seafood night for $19.95 – including Turkey, Ham, Baked Scrod, Sautéed Mussels, Pasta of the Day, and of course New England style Clam Chowda’.  If you are interested in quality instead of huge quantity, this is a good deal.

With over 1000 slots, the gaming floor isn’t necessarily the most up-to-date.  The big marquee-themed progressive slots won’t be found (may I add that these are costly to the casinos to include), but the selection was adequate and fun.  The gaming floor is loaded with old and new slots.  And, it feels very roomy, with lots of space and an uncluttered feel.

Two bands -one upstairs in the event center and the other downstairs in the Cocktail Lounge.  Rocking country with the Stephanie Hansen Band, and the fabulous sound of Gina Wesley were high quality, high energy, and free!

All in all, a pleasant surprise.  I recommend you try it.

That’s all for now.