New Hampshire – Still a Casino Waiting?

With six casinos and possibly four on the way, can we really count out New Hampshire?
Not every casino in New England has to be a big Destination Resort. A casino in Concord, for example, could bring in it’s own local clientele, adding to the plethora ( I love that word) of casino offerings in New England. A year ago, New Hampshire wasn’t even considered in the gaming expansion in New England. Then, “poof,” there it was in the discussion. Hey Vermont… are you quietly thinking about it, too?

To be honest, I can’t ever see a casino in Vermont. But the Granite State continues to be in the mix.

A few days ago I read a fabulous article by ANNMARIE TIMMINS of the CONCORD MONITOR.
“How would a N.H. casino stack up against New England competition” is an excellent look into the potential of a NH Casino, including a look at the New England region. It is a must read as far as I am concerned. Paraphrasing will do it no justice. Copy the following in your browser and see what you think.

That’s all for now. Thank you AnnMarie for giving permission for your link.