Foxwoods Has Best Bingo

Foxwoods Cavernous Bingo Hall

Foxwoods Cavernous Bingo Hall

If I were to refer to a “Crazy T,” would you think about a antique car?
How about a “Starburst?” Mmmmm
“Crazy L?” …… friend of yours?
Would you think of stopping at the “Money Machine” in your “Car?”

Well, did you know you can find all those in one place?
“B-I-NGO and Bingo is it’s Name-o!”
They are all some of the additional games found at Foxwoods Bingo Hall.

If you’ve got what it takes to go round after round, then you’ll enjoy bingo in Foxwoods 3,600-person bingo hall. It’s not just the only place in New England where you can enjoy high-stakes bingo; it’s also one of the largest bingo halls in the world.

Bingo imageAn interesting note is the long-standing video bingo terminals that are available – if dabbing your 8 cards at one time causes you too much stress. (Usually, 2 cards is my limit) Line up in the video bingo line to the far right outside of the bingo hall. You should arrive early because in many cases the video bingo terminals will quickly sell-out.

So, bring your luck charms and check out one of the best bingo palaces in the world at Foxwoods. And go to their website to check out special bingo events and payoffs.

That’s all for now.