The Need to be Aware

My usual weekend entertainment blog is postponed to tomorrow so I can briefly rant about certain etiquette-both social and casino-that needs to be followed.

1. Escalators – listen people, when you get to the end of the elevator, GET OFF and KEEP MOVING! That is not the time to gawk at where you unaware that people are tripping off the elevator to get AROUND YOU!

2. If you are walking around the casino with your family or entourage, get out if the way. Allow half the hallway for other people.

3. Elevators – Let people off the elevator before getting on. Just GET A OUT Of THE WAY.

4. Smokers – I don’t mind sitting next to. Your smoke doesn’t bother me, but don’t hold it in my face without taking a toke. Smoke if you need, but no one needs to have smoke blown into his/her face. Be Aware of people next to you.

5. Gawkers & Mosey-ers – enjoy your surroundings, but get out of people’s way! And stop gawking and moseying 3 or 4 in a row. You’re not the only ones in the casino.

6. Finally, wash your hands everyone, and do it often! Nothing is more disgusting as following a guy out of the restroom who hasn’t washed his hands only to see him go to a slot machine and wondering how many other filthy hands touched my machines. Yuck!

There, I feel better. That’s all for now.



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